Mike Cron: Scrum Engagement Machine Based Preview Posted over 11 years ago

Following on from his scrum set-up module, Mike Cron takes you through how to use a scrum machine to successfully coach engagement technique. Starting with how to get the correct setup, Mike takes you through the engagement process working with players individually, in modules and then finally putting it all together as a pack. “Remember don’t ever sacrifice power or technique for speed”

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Mike Cron is recognised as one of, if not the best, scrum coaches in world rugby. Mike has made scrums safer and more powerful all over the world at all levels of the game. He has worked with many national sides including Japan and Wales and has been with the All Blacks since 2004. Mike has redefined the role and persona of the scrum coach. He is innovative and respected for his approach to teaching the scrum, leaving all those he works along side with the tools and understanding to peer and self coach. *Graham Henry on Mike Cron:* _Mike Cron epitomises the ultimate in scrum coaching. Knowledge; technique; patience; safety and a huge respect for the men who have to do the business-SCRUM. And most importantly the ability to pass that knowledge on, not only to his players but scrum coaches all around the globe. That's why we call him the “Scrum Doctor” - the Number 1 in the world._

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