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Scrum Setup Fundamentals - HS and A with Jase Ryan

Watch this latest series with Jase Ryan, forwards coach of the super champion Crusaders, and previously NZ20 world champions.

Part 1. Interview with Jase Ryan   12:06 Free video

In the first video of this series, we hear from Jase discuss many topics including how he got into coaching and the importance of investing in coach development. Enjoy!


Part 2. Hooker Setup 4:17 Member content

Want a blueprint for your set piece? Now you can with Jase Ryan’s Set Piece series. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Hooker Setup and Engage on Powa Sled 3:25 Member content

Hand brake on, hand brake off, stay square and hips up and forward. As a coach, a great video to share with your hookers. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Front Row Setup 11:40 Member content

In this video, Jase discusses the theory to successfully add props to your scrum setup. Enjoy!

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Part 5. The Biarticular Line Preview with Jase Ryan 0:30 Member content

Watch the preview and check in later for the full story. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Achieving the Strongest Pushing Position - Understanding the Biarticular Line 7:56 Member content

Do you want to find out what the Biarticular Line is and why it is crucial to a successful scrum? Watch the video to find out!

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Part 7. Prop Setup & Engage on Powa Sled 7:15 Member content

Watch Jase Ryan demonstrate how a prop sets for a scrum, incorporating the Biarticular Line. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Lock Setup 6:38 Member content

Jase is back in the classroom explaining the technique and science behind adding the locks to the front row. Enjoy!

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Part 9. Prop & Lock Setup on a Powa Singleman Sled 6:26 Member content

Jase Ryan heads outside to the pitch and Powa Singleman sled to demonstrate connecting your locks to the props at scrum time. Enjoy!

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Part 10. Loose Forward Setup & Engage on Powa Sled 4:44 Member content

Loose forwards are a very important part of modern day scrummaging. Jase heads outside with his ‘stick’ and Powa Single Man sled to demonstrate. Enjoy!

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Part 11. Prop - Ground based binding drills 9:07 Member content

In this video, Jase goes to ground with some excellent on your knees binding drills. Enjoy!

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Part 12. Good Technique, Great Technique (working together as an 8) 9:59 Member content

Jase details why great technique is important for all levels of rugby scrummaging. Enjoy!

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Part 13. Staying strong with movement - working to fix bad technique 7:11 Member content

In this video, Jase demonstrates a technque drill for forwards. The drill itself is excellent for managing scrummaging technique when in motion. Enjoy!

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Part 14. Feeding the Scrum 5:42 Member content

In this video, Jase gets ‘deep’ into the relationship required between half back and hooker for a successful scrum feed. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14
Duration 97:56
Topics Player Programme Set Piece Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great vids from Jase as always. Man I am learning so much as a coach getting ready for my second season. I have a question though, what software is recommended to annotate vids for coaching and sharing with players?


Priceless advice, would’ve been great to have at my fingertips as a prop starting out 25 years ago !!


What works coupled with what’s safe. Good usable coaching points. great stuff.


that really good stapilty


Awesome tips….


en castellano por favor!!


me gustaria recibir mas informacion sobre “the biarticular line”


A great dispensary of technique and of correct progression of work


Great drill on setting up Hooker, great details and well described! I will use it tomorrow in practice!!


Be nice to see videos on a more frequent basis. Content is good, but how many new releases are we seeing ? Sorry, just asking


Having used Mike Cron and now Jase Ryan’s coaching videos for the past 2 years as Forwards coach at Ivybridge RFU U13 and U14s, the current U15s pack now have 7 out of 8 in the Devon Team Squad and the Exeter Chiefs Academy and one has signed up professionally for a Premiership side. The open side flanker is also now in U15s Devon Team and Academy but as a centre!! Key core skills solidified and many micro improvements relentlessly applied improve the pack.


Jase knows what he is talking about.Great informative series for both players and coaches.

South Africa

Great series, would like to see a bit more on head placement, boring, front row binding. basically a whole series on the front row. Look forward to more.


We have the Mike Cron replacement with the AB’s here. Good stuff mate. Love the Crusaders scrum work.

New Zealand



great stuff!!


Superb and essential for coaching front row, really nice job here on decoding front row set up and providing some easy wins for your team whether adults or school level


“as long as you’ve got a forearm under his ballbag, you’re good” — Quotes like this could only be commonplace in a rugby tutorial video. Definitely adds to the ratings!

Chinese Taipei

I’ve learnt so much .I myself coaches the scrum and I’ve learnt that its the smallest of smallest adjustments that’s gonna present you with a successful scrum.absolutely brilliant.

South Africa

Would like to see the 2nd row part of the set up. Great video.


Really good detail from jase more of the same please


Brilliant videos. Always learn something useful!!!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Love your work Jase!

New Zealand

Very informative, and very detailed. Thank you Jase!!


The secrets of the dark arts revealed. Thanks Jase Ryan. Some great tips in there to set the scrum on the right path.

Arabian Gulf

Enjoyed the interview, great passion for the game and player safety and development, with emphasis on personal growth in coaching, well done!

New Zealand

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