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Lineout Session Plan - Y with The Rugby Site

For junior players the concept of a lineout with players lining up beside each other to contest the ball is a foreign concept. Basketball, Netball , AFL and American football all have a 1 on 1 contest for the ball but not upto 7 players opposing each other in an aerial contest to secure the ball. The purpose of this session is to introduce your young/new players to the Lineout and its unique skill requirements. Ben Herring does a great job in presenting this session.

Part 1. Lineout Primer Drill - Junior   4:57 Free video

Otago ITM coach, Ben Herring starts the session with some low impact drills for the jumpers to prepare for the lineout session.
Keeping it simple and low impact.


Part 2. Lineout Jumping and lifting 8:08 Member content

Not everyone was born with the ability to jump high, fortunately we are able to lift in rugby.
Ben shows us a beginners guide of how to jump and lift for a lineout for junior players.

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Part 3. Lineout Throw - Finger Control 3:15 Member content

While the lifters and jumpers are priming for their lineout work the hookers can also be working on their ball throwing.

Follow ex All Black and Crusader legend Corey Flynn key primer drills and your hookers will be hitting their targets in no time.

Corey starts with finger control and full arm extension .

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Part 4. Lineout Throw - Ball Flight and Stability 4:20 Member content

Having worked on the finger control and arm extension, hookers can then move onto ball and stability.

As Corey points out consistent speed and hitting the ‘right’ spot is key to the lineout success.

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Part 5. Lineout Maul 8:13 Member content

If your players are comfortable with the basic Lineout skills you can introduce them to the Lineout Maul to round out the training.
Rugby Site Founder Brendon Ratcliffe does an excellent job in presenting the Lineout Maul starting with the Platform Setup.

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Part 6. Lineout Maul Drive 12:18 Member content

Having got the maul setup, Brendon explains how to get the forwards to drive forward safely with the ball well secured.

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Course reviews

Intro music continues through the video can’t hear what Corey is saying


Vos explications sont toujours claires et simples merci


Very good basic skills, preseason work.


Extremely helpful, the entire set.


too bad most don’t open.


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