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Want to teach your players attacking rugby?

We have got attacking skills resource for all levels of the from some of the world's best attack coaches to help including Wayne Smith, Joe Schmidt, Gregor Townsend, Dave Ellis and others.

  • Build an effective attack strategy like the best attacking teams in the world.
  • Understand different strategies and why they are effective.
  • Develop effective individual and team attacking skills and tactics
  • Different modified games to develop attacking skills

Plus we have categorised them by playing level to make it easier for you to find:

  • Y – youth
  • HS – high school
  • A – adult
  • All – suitable for all levels

Attack resources

How to work the latest gadget play in short-range attack

One of the latest trial laws insists that it will no longer be possible to choose a scrum from a free-kick. Nick Bishop looks at what innovations may result especially close to opposition’s goal line.

How England upset Ireland’s Grand Slam plans at Twickenham

Nick Bishop details the key ingredient that led to England’s upset 6N win over 6 to 1 favourite and Grand Slam-elect Ireland.

How to attack wide – the Toulouse way!

The best attacking teams in the current era never take the apparent space they are offered on the edge without checking, or switching inside first.

How to create early attacking options from the “21”

If your charges can learn to run one play exceptionally well, you will force opponents to adjust to it – and that will create opportunities elsewhere.
As Nick Bishop evidences in Racing 92’s match against fellow Top 14 side Toulon.

How to run a two-phase switchback attack with options

Nick Bishop looks at how leading teams are creating multiple threats early in the phase-count, and sustaining those threats for longer on attack than the defence can successfully manage them.

What the raw statistics from the RWC say about the attack-defence balance in the global game [part 2]

Nick Bishop looks in more detail at what happened when teams of the same general type played one another, or two sides of opposite approach clashed.

How to find a simple attacking solution from set-piece

Coaches at all levels of the game, and in all sports are always looking for simple, robust solutions that work – the simpler, the better.

Nick Bishop details what Set Piece Strike Play is working for a number of teams to date in the RWC2023.

How to find the right roles for twin number 10’s

Most number 10’s are either strategist/game-managers or they are instinctive ball-players.

Nick Bishop looks at how England are successfully fitting their number 10 ‘strategist’ and ‘wizard’ into their starting lineup and attack structure.

What does good multi-phase offence look like?

You do not have to win the lion’s share of collisions in order to play winning attacking rugby.,

It is still possible to find space in multi-phase attack if you have the will, the structures and the personnel to do it.

Using No 1 ranked Ireland and their recent RWC match against Romania as the example, Analyst Nick Bishop explains how it can be done.

How to win the #15/ #9 battle from midfield scrums

Law changes frequently have repercussions, or send out impact ripples well beyond the original intention – for better or for worse. As Nick Bishop highlights how the Defending #9 not being allowed past the mid-line of the scrum trial law change has also changed how the backs attack and defend.

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