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Approach to the Breakdown and Developing Attack Stuctures - HS and A with James Semple

NZ Rugby coach of the year nominee James Semple and the successful Waikato Women's team progress through breakdown and attack structures.

Part 1. Waikato Women's Promo   0:48 Free video

Watch this promo of our latest series with the Waikato Women’s team, coached by James Semple. Enjoy!


Part 2. James Semple - Interview 10:40 Free video

Successful Waikato Women’s and NZ Rugby coach of the year nominee James Semple talks about his rugby journey to date. Progressing from a successful age grade and professional player to head coach of one of NZ’s top women’s team.
James discusses the key factors that influence his coaching and challenges he faces as a young coach on the rise.

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Part 3. Transition drill fixing defenders to create space 4:38 Member content

We take to the pitch for the 1st time in 2021 as Waikato Women’s head coach James Semple and his provincial women players work on fixing defenders to create space. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Kill Cleanout 6:45 Member content

This week, James prepares his Waikato Women players for a breakdown contest against a bigger team. James targets speed and body position as key areas for the Waikato Women to win the breakdown contest. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Series 2 Promo 0:47 Free video

Next week we return to Hamilton with James Semple and his Waikato Women’s team.

Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect in the coming weeks as they prepare for their 2nd consecutive NZ Farah Palmer Cup championship final.

James’ challenge – a match they must play without their 9 international players!

Good luck to James and his team.

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Part 6. Building a Successful Phase Attack 12:18 Member content

Scan and early specific comms from the outside

are just some of the key Phase Attack messages

James Semple returns with the champion Waikato Women’s team as they prepare for their successful championship run.

James and the team focus training on the key components to build a successful Phase Attack.

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Part 7. Phase Play Attack - Modified Game 9:27 Member content

In this video, James puts the champion Waikato Women’s team learnings from the last video into practice. The modified game enables the transfer of the key Phase Attack principles into game based situations. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Phase Play Attack - Sting Attack from Turnover Ball 7:02 Member content

In this video, James engages the whole squad to ensure they are on the same page and understand their Turnover Attack strategy. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8
Duration 52:25
Topics Defence Attack Breakdown Interviews Women's Rugby
Applicable to Coaches   Managers  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great drills – great wording there “lower shoulder wins and winning race in the break down areas.” Thanks for sharing.

Arabian Gulf

How is it y’all have just the “thing” the moment I need the thing…. Part 4: Kill Cleanout is perfect for my small, but mighty U19 women’s side.


Like this very much. Like the 3 key points at the recap. great drill also. For forwards this will be great, winning the race and also resetting runners quickly once we have secured the ball.


Very good game based activities James and team. I have struggled to formulate a simple game where wingers that are on attack scan and call so seeing your activity to promote this is a game changer for me. Ka mau te wehi.

New Zealand

A 2nd defence line( L 2) in the “ building a successful phase play” module could give more reality to the game beyond the first line of defence. Maybe call : yellow for the kind of D and a double number ( 4-1 for example) for the numbers in first and second line of D to give Attack the chance to train continuity beyond the L1


no se puede ver el video!!!!!


Very usefull drill! It would be even more helpful if you could add the subtitles (CC) at least in english. (in spanish would be awsome!)


Excellent drill to help develop transition/reaction in a game


Can you explain the calls-yellow /blue.? Clarify please


Nice simple drill but so much one can learn from it.


Good drill

New Zealand

Awesome drill


I like these kind of drills. They have a great impact on the game but are still easy to explain to the players.


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