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Attack Principles - All with Shane Arnold

From St Joseph's Nudgee College's recent Youth Coach Forum, new Rugby Site contributor Shane Arnold, GPS Brisbane Head coach starts a new series on Attack Principles.

Part 1. Turnover Principles - Finding your Own Space   9:35 Member content

1st up Shane works on retaining the space on the edge from the Turnover.
Narrow up, play fast and target the space.

Coach to get the outcomes of your principles from the drills not coach the outcome of the drill.

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Part 2. Turnover Principles - Space can be Anywhere 5:02 Member content

Don’t give up the advantage line the attack has already given to us

Shane Arnold GPS Brisbane HC continues his Turnover Attack series.

This week, Shane uses a modified game to Emphasise Identifying and attacking the Space.

The space can be anywhere in a Turnover.

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Part 3. Short Side Attack 6:06 Member content

Narrow and fast inside so not to waste the space on the outside

GPS Brisbane’s HC Shane Arnold continues his Attack series from the Youth Coaching Forum.

This week, Shane straightens up the short side attack inside to keep the space outside.

Try adopting into your attack.

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Part 4. Manipulating Defences to Create Space 11:45 Free video

Go narrow to pull in the defenders makes space on the edge

GPS Brisbane’s HC Shane Arnold continues his Attack series from the Nudgee College’s Youth Coaching Forum.

This week, Shane use a modified game to highlight how to manipulates defences to create space on the edge.

Coach the principles not the outcomes.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 50:00
Topics Attack Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

podrian subtitular los videos en español?


Part 3 showed a basic skill missing – hands up and across to take that army pass. None of the players had their hands up before running. One step passing in that drill would have been more effective.


Interesting indeed. Realign and find the space in front of you.

A question: How do you avoid BD at a tackle? By KBA? Not sure I got it.


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