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Edge Attack - HS and A with Shannon Fraser

Edge attack principles based on the last defender in the line not the width position on the field.

Is the basis of new contributor Wallabies U20 assistant coach Shannon Fraser's new 2 part Edge Attack series from the recent Youth Rugby Coaches Forum.

Attack principles that are suitable for all grades.

Part 1. Edge Attack Approach Differs according to the Defence Picture   12:11 Free video

Be square, sit down defenders, build shape into your passing

are the key skills Shannon Fraser concentrates on in part 1 of his Edge Attack series.

Different Edge Attack skills are required for high/hard and soft/back defences as Shannon demonstrates with his St Joseph Nudgee College players.


Part 2. Setting up a Return to Edge Play 7:42 Member content

Width/Space, number of defenders, speed of ball are all factors that influence your Return Edge Attack play.

Shannon Fraser, with his St Joseph Nudgee College players, details the different considerations in an Edge Attack approach and objectives in part 2 of his Edge Attack series, at the recent Youth Rugby Coach Forum.

It is not always about the immediate play that matters!

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Part 3. Set up an Open Edge Attack 9:22 Member content

Last man can do what they want is the ideal outcome of an Edge Attack.

Shannon Fraser builds an Open Edge Attack with his St Joseph’s Nudgee players and then challenges their Edge Attack decision making with a modified game.

Note: all completed within a 20.×20 mtrs space!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Duration 20:00
Topics Attack Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans   Managers   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Excelente evolución del “vértice” (parte 1) y su aplicación práctica a situaciones de partido (parte 2). Por favor traducir a español.


Great drills. Both teach decision making and go towards increasing player game IQ.


Love this drill in the 20×20 grid. Lots of opportunity for decision making. Cheers


Great video with a new angle on the L drill with D and the attack with what I call a pb. Excellent


Great clarity by Shannon with the edge attack player, running lines.

New Zealand

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