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IRANZ with Murray Mexted

IRANZ (the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand) is the world-leading rugby academy, providing an independent high-performance pathway for players, coaches and teams from around the world.

IRANZ Courses allow participants to learn 1:1 with some of the greatest rugby minds in the world. The following videos have been filmed on their Players’ and Coaches’ Courses held in Palmerston North, New Zealand.


IRANZ's new 9-day programme is the ultimate development opportunity for any aspiring or current coach looking to reach their potential in the game.

This programme covers all the finer details needed to be a successful coach which goes beyond just technical and tactical aspects of rugby.

Check out IRANZ's latest course website for more information on their courses.

Part 1. IRANZ Introduction   5:08 Free video

At IRANZ, we firmly believe the key to unlock potential is to learn from the best in the business. That’s why our Staff Coaches represent some of the most recognised and knowledgeable rugby minds in the world.
Founder ex All Black Murray Mexted introduces his academy.


Part 2. Breakdown Defence 12:29 Member content

Legendary and Iconic All Black forward Rodney So’oialo,master of the dark breakdown arts, is at IRANZ Academy and shares with TRS some truly game changing techniques around winning possession.

We haven’t seen these techniques before! They will most certainly change the way your team approaches winning the ball back. A must watch for all you innovative players and coaches who want to get the edge on your opposition and get the best out of your team.

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Part 3. Vision & Decision Making - Theory with Dave Ellis 7:18 Member content

The Blues and ex Connacht Skills coach Dave Ellis discusses Vision and Decision Making with coaches in the classroom at IRANZ’s latest camp in Palmerston North, NZ.

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Part 4. Tools for Vision & Decision Making 6:27 Member content

Dave follows on from last weeks video with important tools in an easy to follow format. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Coach Vision and Awareness 13:28 Member content

How much Decision making pressure can you manage? Ex Blues and Connacht Skills coach Dave Ellis takes his Coaches through Vision and Decision Making session. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Pure Catch 8:47 Member content

In this video at IRANZ’s Green Room, Dave starts building player skills pressure with a series of skill drills using tennis balls only. Enjoy!

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Part 7. Targeting & Release 15:11 Member content

In this video, Dave demonstrates to coaches the importance of players targeting and releasing the catch and pass. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Brian Ashton Interview 9:13 Free video

We caught up with ex England coach Brian Ashton during his visit to IRANZ’s recent high performance player camp to find out what he has been up to.
Hear from Brian in this exclusive interview. Enjoy!

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Part 9. Core Role of the Loose Forward Openside Flanker 14:21 Member content

This week, Murray details the loose forward combination and explains the No 7 role so you can form your opinion and define for your team requirements.

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Part 10. The Role of the Loose Forward #8 9:04 Member content

This week, Murray details the key attributes for No 8 role at his recent IRANZ camp. It is sure to shape your thinking.

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Part 11. The role of the Loose Forward #6 7:56 Member content

Where does the No 6 fit into the Loose forward combination? What is expected of the position individually and as part of the loose forward trio combination. IRANZ founder and ex All Black No 8, Murray Mexted explains in the 3rd part of his Loose Forward Role series. Enjoy!

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Part 12. No 9 Pass Technique and Bio-mechanics 9:27 Member content

This week, we are back at IRANZ latest Player Course in Palmerston North, New Zealand with World Cup winning All Black No 9 Piri Weepu. The IRANZ team bought Piri in to spend time with the young No 9s both inside the classroom and on the pitch. This session has Piri on the pitch providing insights and drills to improve the No 9 skills and understanding. Enjoy!

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Part 13. Training Runner Calls with Dave Ellis 12:53 Member content

Dave introduces the IRANZ’s players to ‘Runner Calls’ that will enable the them to target and exploit space in the opposing defenses. Enjoy!

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Part 14. Running Lines/Patterns & Shapes - Post Past Drill with Dave Ellis 8:09 Member content

In this video, Dave uses the Goal Posts to great effect as he continues his Attack Alignment series. Dave, details how to straighten your attack, hold the defence and create space against a Goal Post defence.

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Part 15. Clarity Session with Dave Ellis 8:47 Member content

This week, IRANZ’s Dave Ellis goes from the classroom to the pitch to build Clarity in his team’s Attack Structure.

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Part 16. Recovery Session - Static Stretching with Peter Finch 13:53 Member content

In this video, IRANZ’s conditioning coach Peter Finch explains the importance of and how to best recover from training. Enjoy!

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Part 17. Building & Planning an Individual Skills Programme 18:54 Member content

This week, we return to the classroom with IRANZ’s Dave Ellis who details how to Build an Individual Skills Plan. Enjoy!

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Part 18. Building & Planning a Team Skills Programme 15:22 Member content

In this video, IRANZ’s Dave Ellis details how to build Team Skill Development Planning. Enjoy!

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Part 19. Developing a Dominant Tackle 9:14 Member content

In this video, Dave progresses the players from a standing start to a full contact Dominant Tackle. Enjoy!

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Part 20. Precursor to Ball into Contact 10:16 Member content

IRANZ’s Dave Ellis’ takes a group of IRANZ High Performance players through his Step into Contact program. Dave adjusts his coaching style in this session to engage the higher level players. Rugby is essentially the same skills at every level just played more accurately and at greater pace. Enjoy!

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Duration 216:17
Topics Coaches Corner Tackling Defence Attack Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English

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Course reviews



Brilliant , simple as that


Absolutely live the technical, always finding a way to improve and get ahead.

Thanks Uso, Rodney.


Brian was my coach mentor when I went through IRANZ. His mindset is inspiring. Its hard to capture his excellence on video!


Detalles muy específicos , muy buenos datos.


tecnicas nuevas y muy claras para mejorar el juego, muy bueno, seria bueno si traducen los otros en español, gcs


Muy interesante en sus aspectos técnicos


Piri is still the man! Great explanations.


Brilliant video Piri!!!!


Love your example Brian. Borrow a lot from your approach


Hahaha! “…bring the ball to you…” (by moving the tackled ball carrier) speaks to me as a grappler. Outstanding!


This is just brilliant. I’ve now learned a lot about whom of my players to pick in that position. Thanks guys


Extremely impressive. Sign me up!




Can we get the full presentation of Mexted’s classroom on loose forwards? I noticed he had a nice slide presentation with the roles of the loose forwards. I often played blind and open, but would like to see what his full assessment is on all three loose forwards.


Excellent. Best set of progressive passing drills I’ve seen. Thanks Dave.


amazing clearness!


Some really good ideas, all new and very technical.


Súper cuando viene la traducción en español ????


For me the game is about body movement and depending on what and how we do it will determine the outcome. Great session from Rodney highlighting some of the ways this impacts on our breakdown skills

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Excellent tips on controlling your body and very effective tecniques at the ruck.

South Africa

Nice! I’ve never seen that technique before. Can’t wait to put it out to the guys in training and see how they do!


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