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How to find the right angle at cleanout time

Is the breakdown cleanout NFL blocking by another name?
Nick Bishop provides some weight to Offensive Linemen techniques being employed in this week’s analysis.

Why defence begins behind the goal-line, not in front of it

The new trial laws brought in on 1st August 2021 not only increased the effective attacking width of the field with the 50/22 kicking rule, but as Nick Bishop highlights they also extended its depth.

How to find scenarios to make the 50/22 work

The 50/22 kick is beginning to grow in value as the different scenarios in which it can be an Attack option are recognised more clearly.
Nick Bishop details some recent examples in this week’s analysis.

Why rugby news travels fast in the global game

A prop in the back field returning kicks in Australia Super rugby one week and in then the 6 Nations the next!
Nick Bishop explains how it has come about and why?

Anatomy of a try: how kicking duels create countering chances

Why is defence and the kicking game so important?

Analyst Nick Bishop explains why and how its lead to constructing an effective attacking game.

How to make a same-way attack really work

The most basic version of attacking in the professional era is the so-called ‘same-way’ or ‘around the corner’ attack.
Analyst Nick Bishop details how to really make this attack work.

Is the box-kick exit going out of fashion?

How to successfully pressure the box? Nick Bishop illustrates how teams are now finding ways to pressure the box kick even with ‘caterpillar’ protection.

Why do you need ball-playing forwards to create width on attack?

Ball playing tight forwards are the ones creating space in which their backs can flourish. Analyst Nick Bishop details how and the positive results.

What can ‘tactical periodization’ mean in a game of Rugby?

‘Tactical Periodization’ is becoming a popular phrase in the sporting vocabulary. What is it? How is being effectively used in Rugby? Analyst Nick Bishop explains ‘TP’ and how it is being adopted into Rugby.

Why the modern lineout peel is back to front

The times they are a-changing, and peels from the lineout are no longer confined to the open-side of the field. Nick Bishop explains why in this week’s analysis.

How to locate and exploit the low-energy defender

Nick Bishop depicts how Teams like to use multi-phase attack to exploit the low-energy defender.

Why ‘lefty-righty’ is so important on attack

Nick Bishop highlights the attacking value of distributors who can offer superior quality with their left-to-right passing.