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Graham Henry tackles the questions; how do you get better? and how do you constantly improve? For a man who has won the Rugby World Cup as a coach, you may think that improvement wouldn’t be at the top of his ‘to do’ list. However, Ted recognises the importance of betterment in order to remain at the top.

In this module Graham covers ‘team talk’, is it for you and your team or not? He talks about a coaches approach to half time in a game. How do you get you team to follow you and your calls. Individual player development (IPP) is covered as well as team culture.

Here’s a preview…

The full video is out this Thursday and will be available to all site subscribers.

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_Richie McCaw on Sir Graham Henry:_ He is never happy where we are at. He always has somewhere to go, always looking to make improvements. He has watched a huge amount of rugby and is not afraid to trial ideas from other teams. That’s his huge strength. He sees the big picture, plans a whole campaign. He is motivated by a huge desire to see the All Blacks win every test and the World Cup.

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