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Contact Load Management - HS and A with The Rugby Site

Contact load in training - what is it?

Why has World Rugby created guidelines around the level of players' weekly contact load?

What does it mean for players at your level?

Player welfare is at the centre of these WR guidelines as we investigate in this new series.

We conduct a panel discussion covering: - What is Contact Load? - Outline the new Contact Load Guidelines. - Consider the implications for all levels of the game. - How to effectively manage it within your level of rugby?

The panel includes some top coaches from different levels of the game in New Zealand - Manawatu Turbos' HC Pete Russell, IRANZ's Dave Ellis, and Fielding High School's HC Justin Lock.

Part 1. Contact Load - What is it and what to consider?   13:02 Free video

Progression over contact intensity to maximise development in time available.
In Part 1 of the panel discussion on World Rugby’s new Contact Load Guidelines and the implications for all levels of the game, Manawatu Turbos’ HC Pete Russell, IRANZ’s Dave Ellis, and Fielding High School’s HC Justin Lock, examine the Guideline definitions.

Having players ready for the weekend but available for the weekend is key.


Part 2. Elements of Contact Training 20:00 Member content

Player well being is most important doing is not the only way for players to learn.

Manawatu Turbos’ HC Pete Russell, IRANZ’s Dave Ellis, and Fielding High School’s HC Justin Lock, continue their Contact Load discussion. This week they discuss the elements of contact training – and Full vs Controlled contact.

It’s the collaboration between coaches and players that will make it work not the ‘us and them’ approach.

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Part 3. Set Piece Load Management 20:00 Member content

Build using unit skills and technology to develop set piece technique and player safety.

This week our panel of Manawatu Turbos’ HC Pete Russell, IRANZ’s Dave Ellis, and Fielding High School’s HC Justin Lock, finish reviewing the Set Piece Load Management.

As ex All Blacks Forwards coach Mike Cron highlighted in his outstanding recent Set Piece series – develop the individual and unit skills 1st.

Player technique will be better and load management won’t be an issue.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Duration 50:00
Topics Tackling Defence Breakdown Leadership & Management Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Managers   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Excellent discussion on how to apply the WR Contact Load guidelines in training without losing the need to have the players ready for the impacts required on game day. This highlights the need for coaches to plan their seasonal and weekly coaching plans in great detail; and the need to have good equipment to develop good contact techniques without the high impact. A most definite thought provoking discussion!


good morning rugby site team during the Part 3 .set piece load management…….. Dave Ellison mentioned " a video delay App" to assist player feedback. could please supply more info. much appreciated regards Greg Price Lennox Head Trojans


Great Content, very informative!

New Zealand

me gustaría que lo traduzcan al español, muchas gracias y que tengan buen dia


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