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Coaching Communication with Brendon Ratcliffe

Understanding how to communicate with you players is a key part of coaching. Whether you are coaching an u10s or a national team, men's or women's, XVs or 7s communication with your players is a key part of your role. So how do you best communicate with your players? What are the right ways to engage and get the best from your players? Is there more than one way to get your message across? How much say do the players have? Brendon Ratcliffe looks at what you want to achieve from your communications and details examples from some of the best coaches in the game.

Part 1. Communication Intro & Plan   6:53 Member content

Brendon introduces his new series on coaching communication. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Communication - Energy, Question & Delivery 3:53 Member content

Brendon brings some energy to this week’s release. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Communication - Learn from Success & Mistakes 3:44 Member content

Brendon delivers the final Communication session, focussing on recognising success and positively reviewing mistakes. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Communication - Tips for Junior Coaches: Part 1 9:19 Free video

Ask questions and be at their height, are just a couple of the many insights Rugby Site Founder Brendon Ratcliffe has in this new video. The ’new’’ season is about to start after a long break. Ensure your time investment is giving your young players, and supporters, the best rugby experience. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Communication - Tips for Junior Coaches: Part 2 4:19 Member content

Communicate with and involve everyone in and around your team, as Rugby Site Founder Brendon Ratcliffe explains with more coaching tips for junior/youth coaches to create a GREAT EXPERIENCE for everyone. Your players will mirror how you behave in pressure situations. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Keep hunting information 0:50 Member content

Keep hunting for information.
As Rugby Site Founder Brendon Ratcliffe explains, rugby is an inclusive sharing community around the world.

Ask other coaches in your club and outside. Coaches from other sports teams or individuals.

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Part 7. Staying true to your values 1:31 Member content

Its not the challenge that matters it is how you respond and the example you set

As coaches at every level, we face weekly challenges on off pitch around the game.

Its your reaction as Rugby Site Founder Brendon Ratcliffe highlights, that determines your team’s behaviour.

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Duration 28:08
Topics Leadership & Management Youth Coaching
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Languages English

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Course reviews

Great topic series, as coaches it’s on us to always work on communicating clearly and instilling respect and a sense of fun. Inspiring to see how the greats do this !


This is a very good model of what I know I need to get better at, very clear, simple and easy to understand.


This is really helpful on how to pass on information to players effectively. Great for my assignment :)

Great Britain & Northern Ireland



The one constant I have found with the Rugby Site is the coaches and the way they deliver their sessions. I admire the calm approach and the way they involve the players in the process, both problem solving and delivering the skills. If I had to take only one thing away from The Rugby Site it would be the communication skills of the coaches. For me that is the paramount lesson. Brenndon delivers superbly.


yes i just think that feedback plays a huge role interms of progression of the player

South Africa

Very important part of the learning process! Really pleased to see this content on the site. Hope all take notes!


Great topic to draw attention to. Thanks

New Zealand

Por favor traducir los videos si son tan amables


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