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An effective set piece guarantees possession.

Watch some of the world's best set piece coaches and players including Mike Cron, Jase Ryan, Greg Feek, Richard Pryor, Victor Matfield, Bismarck de Plussis, Ross Filipo Geoff Parling and others to create effective and safe set pieces for all levels of the game including lineouts, scrums, kick offs, exits, and mauls.

Plus we have categorised them by playing level to make it easier for you to find:

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  • A – adult
  • All – suitable for all levels

Set Piece resources

Why the driving lineout is here to stay as a prime attacking platform

The driving lineout is fast becoming the most creative source of offensive thinking in the professional game. Using the recent Ireland vs France 6N game for some seminal illustrations, Nick Bishop explains how the attacking potential has come about.

How to control the game with an accurate exit strategy

Nick Bishop balances the Exit Strategy ledger outlining the exiting in the case the All Blacks dominate their exit strategy against the South African return team.

How to control the opposition exit strategy, and play the game in the right areas of the field

Fine-tuning your own exit strategy, and pressurizing the exit strategy of the opposition is the most reliable way of creating those positions where you can reap what you’ve sown as Nick Bishop details in this week’s analysis.

The short-hand for winning the restart

Rugby fashions, like fashions in other areas of life, often work in cycles without obvious rhyme or reason.
Nick Bishop looks at the latest fashion in Restarts in this week’s analysis.

The Source and a Solution to Wayne Smith's Frustration

The solution to the problem Wayne Smith needs to begin at source. Nick Bishop identifies a primary cause and solution.

Why teams are feeling the need – ‘the need for speed’ - at the scrum-base

Nick Bishop explains why he fully expects the SRP law-trial at the scrum to be implemented world-wide in due course.

Where defending number 9’s are no longer allowed to advance beyond the midpoint of the set-piece.

The Lineout Drive - Beauty or Beast

Is the lineout drive a ‘blight’ on the game or one of the most fruitful areas for set-piece attack in modern praxis.
Nick Bishop provides some analysis from recent 6 nations matches.

How to build the lineout drive on your own terms

Using England’s successful Red Roses lineout Nick Bishop details 2 key features to building an effective lineout drive.

How ‘Turnaround Tyrel’ learned his tall tight-head trade at scrum-time

Nick Bishop highlights the value of the transference of knowledge between coach and a senior player to a less experienced player. Nick uses the recent example of All Blacks prop Tyrel Lomax with forwards coach Jase Ryan and veteran prop Owen Franks.

How to use the ‘15 metre plus’ lineout throw to create attacking success

The Springboks recently discovered some interesting nuances of the lineout law. Nick Bishop details how they rapidly widened into fully-fledge defensive ‘loopholes’ in their recent Argentina Rugby Championship test match.

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