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CATCH videos from some of the world's best catch and pass skills coaches including Wayne Smith, Joe Schmidt, Wesley Clarke, Brendan Ratcliffe, Mils Muliaina and Dave Ellis and others and PASS them onto your players.

Gain an understanding on all aspects of one of the game's fundamental skills. Content available for all levels of the game.

Plus we have categorised them by playing level to make it easier for you to find:

  • Y – youth
  • HS – high school
  • A – adult
  • All – suitable for all levels

Catch and Pass resources

How to use the reverse-pass to split the wood up the middle

Nick Bishop explores how a sussessful old move – the reverse pass, is gaining popularity to open new defences.

Why do you need ball-playing forwards to create width on attack?

Ball playing tight forwards are the ones creating space in which their backs can flourish. Analyst Nick Bishop details how and the positive results.

Why ‘lefty-righty’ is so important on attack

Nick Bishop highlights the attacking value of distributors who can offer superior quality with their left-to-right passing.

When is a knock-on not a knock-on?

If the ball goes forward off, it is a knock-on and a scrum to the opposition, right? Well not always the case as Analyst Nick Bishop highlights in this week’s analysis.

How accurate skill execution can break down defences

As teams look to develop their decision making abilities they sometimes neglect the importance of skill execution. The ability to catch a ball and deliver it accurately can be the winning or losing of a match. Analyst Dave Ellis looks at the effects of successful skill execution and neglect in recent RWC matches.

How Japan are finding an edge at the World Cup

Japan use the full width of the field on attack more consistently than any other side in the tournament. Analyst Nick Bishop highlights how it is not a matter of swinging the ball aimlessly from one side of the field to the other; rather, of accurate inter-passing between backs and forwards in midfield designed to exploit overloads in the wide channels.

Is it time for the 6 o’clock pass to return?

Analyst Nick Bishop explores the relationship between individual passing techniques – passing by ‘rotation’ or by ‘extension’ and their ability to open up the width of the field on attack.

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