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Building the Tackle and Developing Agility - Y and HS with Hamish Webb

We bring you this new series from Haagsche Rugby Club in the Hague, Netherlands. UK Manager Hamish Webb spends time with the Haagsche women players developing their breakdown technique and decision making. This series is suitable for all age players women and men.

Part 1. Pre Match Primers with Paul Bunce   13:16 Member content

In this video, Paul illustrates that the primers are about quality not quantity. Pre match primers are about warming up the mind and the body ready for the game. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Breaking down the Chop Tackle 14:14 Member content

In this video, Hamish with the Haagsche Women’s players, illustrates a series of progressions from the 1st movements to achieving a great Chop Tackle. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Decision Making After the Tackle with Hamish Webb 11:04 Member content

5 into a 4 Square goes.
This week Rugby Site UK Manager Hamish Webb puts the Breakdown Decision Making into a Square with the help of the Women’s team at the Haagsche Rugby Club in The Hague, Netherlands.
With so many breakdown phases being part of the modern game, decision making is key in both Attack and Defence.
Hamish’s 4 Square session is ideal for both XVs and 7s to develop your Breakdown decision making skills. Fight to get to the ground and stay active

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Part 4. Developing Speed & Accelerlation 14:22 Member content

In his latest video, Paul details the key elements to speed and agility development with Haagsche Rugby Club players at our recent clinic in The Hague, Netherlands.

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Part 5. Change of Direction Cutting & Competitive Agility Drill 8:27 Member content

In this video, Paul progresses on last week’s Speed and Agility session with the Haagsche players, into Developing their Evasion Skills. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Adding Catch Pass to Speed 6:51 Member content

In this video, Hamish adds a ball and a pass to Paul Bunce’s speed and agility work. Enjoy!

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Part 7. Turnover Attack with Speed & Quick Passing 13:27 Member content

In this video, Hamish combines the recent speed, agility and catch and pass sessions with Haagsche players, into Turnover Attack play. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Decision Making at the Breakdown - 1st player in 6:28 Member content

In this video, Hamish develops the Haagsche club ladies team Decision Making at the breakdown, specifically 1st player in, over a series of progressions. Enjoy!

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Part 9. Whistle Tackle Game for Breakdown Training 4:54 Member content

In his final video release, Hamish puts the Haagsche club ladies team’s Breakdown Decision Making, under pressure with a Whistle-Tackle modified game. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Duration 101:31
Topics Warm Up Catch and Pass Tackling Breakdown Conditioning Women's Rugby
Applicable to Coaches   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great video, it would be really to be able to save videos in my library so i can come back to them.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Simple and effective, 4sides forming 2v2; with the skill zones for protect and jackle or clear out. 10 pax rotating 2×5′s is best IMO.


I like this four square drill. This would be a great help for developing skills for our inexperienced younger players.

New Zealand

This is a great and simple series. Well explained, thanks

New Zealand

I was just watching the video’s again it was an honeur to have you at our club Hamisch


Great teacher! clear and concrete. amongst all I took from the video I´d like to remark “DELAY your run as much as you DARE, so you really have to RUN ON to the ball”… the escence of winning meters and/or break deffence lines!!!


Like the decision making part and great to put that time limit on the technical bits



New Zealand

Marco. Thanks for the note. I think we will have all seen a turnover ball being pass down a flat, static defence line with little chance of making ground or making a line break. This happen particularly when the turnover ball is slow. The attack line sees they have lost the ball and moves up quickly and the defence line does not retreat. Then there is no time to move the ball wide.Most teams I have worked with have a, no run, two pass rule on every turnover. Add to that wider players pushing back and out and you can then get some momentum in to the attack. It also gives an attacking deep player (15?) more pass options if he runs into the attacking line. Have a look at Matt O’Conners section on the site he shows a similar drill.


Talking of turnover, it makes sense tome to adjust by going wider, i’m less sure you have to go deep: you lose time and space, as space is already available in front of you (as Hamish assumes the attack’s deep before loosing the ball). This holds especially for the first two, maybe three players, the others can get depth by starting a bit late (which already happens if the first receiver attacks immediately while his mates take width). What do you think?


Hamish Webb really excels in the whole-part-whole approach in his coaching modules. I found it so enjoyable. Starting with a conditioned game. Taking the players the players through a progressive series of technical and tactical work. Ending again with the conditioned game to check on growth and some work on areas. fantastic. Thank you to TRS.


thank you, an excellent example of progressive coaching and a great reminder of the fundamentals, presented in easy to understand terms.


I like the cumulative development of this exercise and puts multiple elements together in game simulation to start and finish.


Great demonstration, feedback to players and progression.

South Africa

Great session! Very interesting and pratical drills for breakdown technic.


Can use in small area, and a whole team can be involved

South Africa

Definitely got me thinking about our pre match prep for games. Some great ideas that I think our lads will buy into.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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