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Catch & Pass with Dave Ellis with Dave Ellis

In this series, Dave is in Bristol, England conducting a 6 week Catch Pass program (yes 6 weeks!) with the UK Premiership team - Bristol Bears.

Part 1. Hand, Eye Reaction Drills   10:36 Member content

In the first of this new series, we go over hand eye reaction drills with Dave Ellis. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Evolution of the Punch Pass 5:13 Member content

In this video, Dave presents an Evolution of the Punch Pass. The objective is to get the ball across the pitch as fast and accurate as possible to beat the fast advancing defences. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 15:49
Topics Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

This is a great drill for girls playing with balls that are too big for most of them. World rugby should waken up and understand that a player with a size 4 boot should not be playing with a ball the same size as used by a player with a size 12. how does it effect the game if they play with a smaller ball?


great ball passing skills being taught here, ball gets to the target and at required speed.

New Zealand

Thanks for demonstrating a great drill develop the Punch Pass technique Dave, along with the associated features to increase the players awareness and reaction times.


nice videos! excellent stuff Ben Herring and all…Lonny LEVI #chiangraibears Northern Thailand Rugby


I really like it, Specially the players are enjoying while there the passing & focusing on basic pass it very important to all rugby players & I can see each & ever time their is progression in the drill & it can be challenging to them


very practical and funny!!!


Great drill with some key focus points


love it, the technique against the fence and also not over rolling the pass is simple but effective


how does player know whom to pass too?


I particularly like the idea of using a physical barrier to discourage the over rotation of the upper body. Simple but very effective.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Thank you Dave!! Been advocating for a modification of this “Punch-Pass” for years! IMO… The ball ROLLS off the hand… it is not “spun” or turned by the wrist as is commonly misinterpreted by those trying to coach the “Punch-Pass”. Look up “Spin-Pass” on the internet… innumerable photos of hands in supinated position (ie. pinky rotating under wrist vs over). WELL DONE!


Very good demonstration, good to be reminded of the skills. Carter Croft


Good technique for playing a fast ball


I like the drill a lot to improve hand speed as well as peripheral vision. Definitely us it.

South Africa

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