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Why teams are feeling the need – ‘the need for speed’ - at the scrum-base

Nick Bishop explains why he fully expects the SRP law-trial at the scrum to be implemented world-wide in due course.

Where defending number 9’s are no longer allowed to advance beyond the midpoint of the set-piece.

How to get some ‘bounce’ into the kick-pass!

Attacking methods to get the ball quickly to the edge need constant refinement for the attacking side to be able to exploit the full width of the field.
One of the easiest methods to reach the wide channels has been the ‘kick-pass’. Nick Bishop details at the latest iteration of the ‘kick pass’

How to recognize opportunities to attack wide versus a ‘jockey’ defence

Using some recent examples from Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Nick Bishop explains just why the more passive forms of defence, like the Drift or Jockey, are becoming less popular and more marginal in coaching attitudes to the game.

Why the wide ruck can be a big Achilles heel for the attack

A ‘sweet spot’ exists where the defence can move over to the attack at the breakdown as Nick Bishop outlines in this week’s analysis..

How the new law trial at the scrum is creating new possibilities for the attack

Nick Bishop highlights some new ideas to create clean attacking ball from scrums encouraged by the latest law-trials, and (potentially) the scrummage returning to its former status as a potent attacking weapon.

How to cover the break on defence, and bring ‘chaos’ back to ‘structure’

How can the defence return from ‘chaos’ back to ‘structure’, and the odds shift in the defence’s favour from an attack break? Nick Bishop details in this week’s analysis.

How to get a second bite at the cherry at the breakdown

The recent changes in officiating guidelines at the breakdown outlawed a second move on the deck, and reduced the options at presentation for the ball-carrier. Nick Bishop details how coaches are adapting so players get a second bite at the breakdown ‘cherry’.

The Lineout Drive - Beauty or Beast

Is the lineout drive a ‘blight’ on the game or one of the most fruitful areas for set-piece attack in modern praxis.
Nick Bishop provides some analysis from recent 6 nations matches.

How to get into shape on attack and use your ‘spares’ – the modern way!

The speed of modern ruck ball has now increased to a point where formations have had to become more flexible to maintain momentum and fan the flames on attack. Nick Bishop details why this has come about and its effect on game.

How to run the “I” formation and mask your intentions on attack

Nick Bishop details how Italy has extended the ‘I’ attack formation to great effect in their recent international matches.

How to turn a profit from off-the-ball work on kick returns

It takes a lot of hard work to create a platform to unlock a good opposing kicking game, and the chase which backs it up, on counter-attack.
Using Scotland’s 6 Nations performance against England at the weekend, Nick Bishop outlines what is involved and the potential returns from the off the ball hard work.

Why rugby has yet to find consistency in contact height

Nick Bishop investigates why consistently refereeing a tackle height is proving challenging for match officials.