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The influence of match analysis in the modern game

Match analysis has a huge influence in the modern game.

Brendon Ratcliffe explains the history of match analysis, shares his first experiences with analysis software in the early 2000s, and shares his tips for getting video analysis started for your own team.

Giselle Mather, the first female Premiership Rugby Coach?

Breaking rugby’s glass ceiling: Graham Jenkins profiles the woman who might just be the Premiership’s first female coach

Coming Soon: Eddie Jones - Creating Team Culture

Japan national coach, Eddie Jones, delivers this latest course on creating team culture and environment.

Wilko will relish coaching challenge

Jonny Wilkinson has announced his retirement and move into a coaching role with Toulon, Graham Jenkins shares his thoughts on how he will get on.

Second chances

Graham Jenkins asks should more coaches in professional sport be given second chances as they develop and grow with experience.

Coming soon: Graham Henry - Game plan and selection

In this course, Sir Graham takes you through developing a game plan based on your weaknesses and strengths, and analysing the opposition’s weaknesses. He also covers the importance of wise selection.

Coming soon - Graham Henry 'Constant Improvement'

Graham Henry tackles the question, how do you constantly improve?

Quade Cooper responds to some love

Ewen McKenzie says that Quade Cooper is an enigma who should be cherished

The Importance of Motivation

What drives the best players to become better players? How do you motivate individuals in a team sport? And who is responsible for making sure a player ‘turns-up’ mentally? Murray Kinsella discusses…

A Captain’s Role is ever Changing

Motivation, leading from the front or tactical acuity – what do you want from your captain?