Attack articles

Rugby coaching videos and resources from the world's best coaches and players on developing attacking skills and tactics to help your players make and then attack space.

Wayne Smith: Wide Wide Attack

The latest module from Wayne Smith is out on Monday. Here’s a look at ‘Wide Wide Attack’ and how we integrate the forwards into attacking play.

Are Scrumhalves allowed to run with the ball?

The scrum half has become the most influential player in the game.

Wayne Smith: Back Moves Trailer

In this video we will build an understanding of what players should be looking for in attack, how to give really good feedback to the playmaker or director of the backline and create really effective back attack and moves.

It's time to bring back the 'six o'clock' pass

The spin pass was a great innovation, but coaches need to emphasise that other passes are more efficient in certain situations

Size isn’t Everything

Shane Williams reflects on the great players who made him want to run down to his local field and pretend he was side stepping for Wales.

Sam Warburton: Breakdown in Attack Trailer

Sam Warburton takes you through the skills of sealing, clearing a ruck and leeching, skills that every player needs in the modern game.Watch and learn from one of the world’s best loose forwards as he shares with you his tried and true techniques that help him win the shoulder battle at the breakdown. “I still do these exact same drills for 10-15mins at the end of each training session”

Brian Ashton: Game Based Team Attack Trailer

“I’m a great believer that you gain and improve game understanding by actually playing games.” In this video Brian Ashton takes you through a variety of game specific activities.

Shane Williams: Side Stepping & Attack Skills Trailer

Shane Williams breaks the sidestep down, taking you through his skill checklist and showing you how the ball carrier and support runners can manipulate defenders and defensive lines to beat and unlock them. Watch and learn direct from one of the best attacking players the game of rugby has ever seen.

Wayne Smith: Counter Attack Trailer

Counter attack dominates try scoring in the modern game, it needs to be coached. In this video I will help you grow your players understanding of how to counter attack off kick receipts. What players should look for and how best to exploit the chasing defensive line.

England slow ball and slow thinking is learned at a young age

Do England’s young players spend too much time on fitness and skills and not enough time just finding out how to play the game of rugby?