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How to split the middle with your kicking game

In open play as well as from formal restarts, the kick straight up the middle is becoming an increasingly viable option for the side in possession. Nick Bishop explains why this trend has recently started and how it is being executed in this week’s analysis.

How to move the point of contact close to the goal-line

If you play it safe, it can often lead to the sporting syndrome of ‘tightening up’ psychologically. Typically, sportsmen turn to increased focus on the detail of their performance, a technical hypervigilance – and that only makes things worse.
Nick Bishop looks at the expectations of scoring a try close to the goal-line.

How to use ‘lightning quick ball’ at the Lineout Drive

The principles of LQB and KBA don’t have to be confined to the skills of offloading and quick ruck ball production in open play.

Nick Bishop, Leinster and soon to be Racing 92 analyst, starts the year using footage from the clubs’ recent match, how Lightening Quick Ball can be used at lineout time.

How to organize the roles of your forwards on attack

Nick Bishop examines the value to a team of coaching with ‘clarity of purpose’ highlighting the All Blacks 2nd half of 2022 campaign with new coaches Joe Schmidt and Jase Ryan clarifying effect.

How to ‘spy’ on the number 9 at ruck and set-piece

One of the focuses of the professional game on defence is to ‘spy’ on the opposing half-back and minimise their influence on the game. Using examples from the recent Autumn internationals, Nick Bishop details how the ‘spy’ operates.

How to work around a dominant maul defender on attack

The ability to establish a dominant maul defender is key for the defence, and as Nick Bishops details it is equally vital for the attacking side to formulate alternate strategies to overcome that dominance once it has been proven.

How the Professor’s good teachings influenced the All Blacks at Twickenham

Deliberately or not, there was a transmission of essential I.P from the Black Ferns RWC coach Wayne Smith ‘the Professor’ to the All Blacks at Twickenham As Nick Bishop illustrates in this week’s analysisa

How Red Card defence spoiled the Red Rose party at Eden Park

World Cups are won and lost on small but significant tactical nuances as England’s Red Roses experienced in the Women’s RWC final.

Why it’s hard to overestimate the value of a hard YACKER

Nick Bishop explains What is a rugby YACKA and the important role they play in a team’s attack.

Targeting the key attacker in backline defence

The importance of excellent backline defence was on show in the titanic contest between England and France at the Women’s World Cup. Nick Bishop breaks down France’s defensive strategies to successfully shut down England’s outstanding centre, Emily Scarratt.

How to build the lineout drive on your own terms

Using England’s successful Red Roses lineout Nick Bishop details 2 key features to building an effective lineout drive.

The absolute clarity about the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the attack

Wayne Smith’s highly successful, and exciting, ‘where’ and ‘how’ attack clarity was very much in evidence during the Black Ferns recent group match against Wales, as Nick Bishop details in this week’s analysis.