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How to control the game with an accurate exit strategy

Nick Bishop balances the Exit Strategy ledger outlining the exiting in the case the All Blacks dominate their exit strategy against the South African return team.

How to win the #15/ #9 battle from midfield scrums

Law changes frequently have repercussions, or send out impact ripples well beyond the original intention – for better or for worse. As Nick Bishop highlights how the Defending #9 not being allowed past the mid-line of the scrum trial law change has also changed how the backs attack and defend.

Why one ‘knee equals two feet’ against the high tackle

The solution is to drop body-height quickly and dramatically, and get at least one knee to the ground immediately. Nick Bishop details what knee on ground is a solution to and why it has become so effective in the tackle.

Why teams are feeling the need – the need for speed – at the scrum base [part 2]

Nick Bishop highlights how the new law-trial requiring the defending scrum-half to drop back rather than chase up beyond the mid-point of the set-piece are having more of a positive impact than even the law-makers may have envisaged.

How to design and develop a ‘gadget’ move from lineout

Innovation can be the genuine discovery of something completely new, but far more often it represents the improvement, or streamlining of something already known.
Nick Bishop looks at how the ‘Teabag’ (lineout gadget play) has evolved as coaches ‘innovate’ the same concept from another angle.

How to control the opposition exit strategy, and play the game in the right areas of the field

Fine-tuning your own exit strategy, and pressurizing the exit strategy of the opposition is the most reliable way of creating those positions where you can reap what you’ve sown as Nick Bishop details in this week’s analysis.

The short-hand for winning the restart

Rugby fashions, like fashions in other areas of life, often work in cycles without obvious rhyme or reason.
Nick Bishop looks at the latest fashion in Restarts in this week’s analysis.

How to get on the right side of the referee at the breakdown

For defensive players in and around the tackle area, the challenge is to spoil and disrupt effectively while showing that they are following the rules.
Nick Bishop looks at one of the techniques to fit into this formula – the ‘fake pilfer’.

The Source and a Solution to Wayne Smith's Frustration

The solution to the problem Wayne Smith needs to begin at source. Nick Bishop identifies a primary cause and solution.

How to make a second effort when all seems lost at ruck-time

Sports coaches are always on the lookout for ways in which a player can make a ‘double action’ or second effort, reinforcing and improving the first, creating a snowball of momentum.
Nick Bishop highlights where a ‘double action’ is productive in rugby at all levels.

What are the benefits of a big scrum-half in the ‘boot’?

Nick Bishop looks at some of the reasons which make a bigger unit at number 9 more desirable under the current laws of the game.

Why ‘pocket protection’ is so important under the box-kick

The cross-fertilization of ideas between collision sports is on the increase.
American Football Pass Protection designed for the Offensive Line to shield the Quarterback who wants to throw the ball downfield is the latest IP transfer to rugby as Nick Bishop illustrates in this week’s analysis.