Cheers Ted Posted almost 8 years ago

As Graham Henry today announced publicly that he is stepping down from the All Blacks head coach role, here at The Rugby Site we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge his contribution to the game.

After eight years in the job and a world record 103 tests in charge of the All Blacks Henry today said in typical fashion he had “had enough”. He had coached 140 tests in total, which had in his words “taken its toll”.

However rather than basking in the glory, in true Henry fashion he wanted to put the accolades back on the players and other management. Saying that he is “incredibly proud” of what the team had achieved and thanking all the players he had coached in the black jersey.

It is not the technical and tactical skills that define a great coach, it is the cultures that they foster. And Graham Henry is the best in the game. This is a man who lives and breathes the game, only sleeping 4 hours a night his waking hours are spent thinking about the small changes that could improve his teams performance.

So Cheers Ted, we hope you enjoy your well earned break.

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