A Letter from a French Fan Posted almost 8 years ago

Photo: Régis Lazarowicz

Dear New Zealand

The ABs v OZ semi was one of the best rugby games I have seen in my life. Conrad as reliable as ever, Cruden and his drop, Richie, Jane and the high balls and awesome Weepu. So much engagement, so much blood. They added one of the most beautiful chapters to the black jersey legend.

Unfortunately however the NZ media are being overconfident, saying that the French cannot win and that’s already a done deal for the ABs…blah blah blah (the odds at the TAB are actually 1 to 7 against France now, déjà vu?) More ABs supporters should listen to Graham Henry and Brad Thorn and work on their zen, rather than abusing the poor French people we are. We should not forget that the ABs had a few tiring games, a long season and face quite some pressure playing their RWC nemesis.

On the other hand, well… the French team has not impressed at all. Poor pool games, only a good first half against our favourite enemy England and a very short 10 minutes against the ABs. Of course they were dominated by a great 14 men Welsh team and thanks to the Welsh not controlling their nerves, missing penalties and making that unfortunate red card tackle; the Coqs are now in the Final of the World Cup. Dangerous as ever.

While the mighty ABs took the highway, driving at 130km/h, the French it appears took a detour through the city centre, driving at 50kmh, probably to enjoy a few croissants. Yet the two teams have now arrived at the same location. I am glad that we get to see the same teams as we saw in 1987. Could not dream of a better scenario.

The ABs might well beat the French by 40 pts, or lose by 1 pt. That’s what I love about the sport, nothing is for sure.

Congratulations to all the players to make it to the RWC Final. Enjoy yourselves, play at your best and make all of us proud.

30 brave men will enter the Mecca of world rugby on Sunday for the most important game of their lives.



Warm Regards

Régis Lazarowicz

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