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We asked you, our loyal Rugby Site members, to tell us what your 2013 rugby resolution was. All you had to do was write in and tell us and we would pick our favourite 5 resolutions and help you achieve them by giving you access to The Rugby Site for the whole year.

Well, we received so many, and loved so many, that we decided to choose our favourite 10 to reward. Here are our top 10 resolutions in no particular order…

“For me, winning is the bonus that comes with seeing the real fruits of my effort: improvement and continued / increased enjoyment among the players. My resolution would be to not only continue teaching my players about the game, but is also to spread my knowledge to other school and club coaches in my city. I’ve got a couple of clinics planned and hope they’re well attended and helpful.” – Rob Nichol

“Unity and Tackling: Effectively teach our high school players the necessity of playing as a UNIT, not individually, with an emphasis on proper tackling and proper support runs.” – Mark Fuller

“As Head Coach of the US Maccabi Rugby Side, we will be competing in the World Maccabiah Games in Israel in 2013, the third largest sporting event in the World. I captained the only US side to win the Gold Medal in 1997, and now i hope as Coach I can lead the side to bring the Gold Medal back to the USA. I am hoping to learn all I can from the Rugby Site and use that learning to instil into our team and optimise our performance. By taking from the best of the best I am confident we will accomplish our goal.” – Shawn Lipman

“1. Make rugby fun and enjoyable for the large number of disadvantaged players on the rugby loving Cape Flats for whom the game provides a viable alternative to social issues such as gangsterism and drug abuse 2. Improve the coaching skills of the junior and senior coaches at the Collegians RFC in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town that collectively coach more than 400 rugby players 4. Win the super league B competition of the Western Province club rugby competition 5. Effectively use rugby as a vehicle to promote life skills and education in our disadvantaged and at-risk communities.” – Dr.Nasief van der Schyff

“To coach so that the players ENJOY the game, DEVELOP as players & people. To continually learn and reflect so that I DEVELOP as a coach & person, while enjoying this great game.” – Will Mbanga

“El secreto para quebrar la ventaja son los ángulos. eso lo sabemos todos. Pero la carrera sin pelota genera la distracción. Se debe correr derecho hasta el momento q mi compañero tiene la pelota en la mano, en ese momento cambio el angulo.” – Matias Cerra

“To learn the intricacies of the game having being forced, reluctantly into watching by my Welsh husband and now loving it!” – Louise Doran

“I picked up my first rugby ball in March of 2012. I was a rower at the time but as soon as I touched that ball I knew that rugby was what I should be playing. I played my first real season this past fall and it was incredible. What I want to do this year… I want to become the best player I can possibly be. I’ve spent many hours looking at ways to improve all aspects of not only my game, but my teammates game as well. I want to hone both the physical and mental aspects of the game. I’ve been training as hard as I can preparing for the upcoming spring season. The year is new. What I will do is this: I will continue to train as hard as I can, to condition myself both mentally and physically. I will learn as much as I can, and grow as much as I can. It is my hope that with all the effort I put forth, that I can inspire my teammates to do the same, to go the extra mile and do the best at the game we all love.” – Andrew Morse

“To take it to the next level in my rehab from injury and try to get back into training and eventually playing after 16 months out.” – Ben Clements

“To develop top acceleration and vision also I am currently 16 turning 17 in June for the past almost 4 years I have been going down to my school rugby oval an kicking mostly place kicks straight after school I will get a redbull an head back to the oval until I can’t see the rugby ball anymore I dedicate my heart an sole into kicking and hope to go pro one day my goal is to successfully clear a goal kick from 60m this year I am currently kicking from 50-55 at the moment I have chicken legs that I also hope to gain some serious muscle to I have a life goal of making a goal kick from over 80m I could go on but I am also of to a new college for year 11 and hope to make firsts and to learn more and more different techniques not in just kicking an if you could help me out I would be very grateful.” – Charles Maxwell Parker

We’ll be checking up that you’re all sticking to your resolutions, so keep working hard!

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We’d still love to hear your resolutions for the coming year / season. Drop them in the comments below…

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