Attack articles

Rugby coaching videos and resources from the world's best coaches and players on developing attacking skills and tactics to help your players make and then attack space.

Andy Ellis was a huge part in our World Cup win

Wayne Smith looks at the huge influence the half back has on a modern rugby team and how the emphasis changes from country to country.

England’s robotic players need to think for themselves

Brian Ashton explores the different attitude of teams towards attacking the defence and thinks that England will have to sharpen up if they are to beat Wales

England bravehearts must invade the enemy

Graham Henry explains how England must change their approach at the tackle if a generation of skillful backs is to prosper.

Linkage between the scrumhalf & flyhalf

Whilst attack off 9 is very important these days the linkage between 9 and 10 is equally as important.

Dan Carter: Decision Making in Attack Trailer

A preview of Dan Carters latest video on Decision Making in Attack.

Wayne Smith: Decision Making on Attack Trailer

A sneak peak of Wayne Smith’s latest video to be released on Friday. Wayne demonstrates a simple model to assist in guiding your players to attack the space provided by the opposition defence.

The Perfect Tens

I have played against some pretty good 10’s over the years. Half of them even seem to go to my old school, Boys High in Christchurch. But there are a couple who really stand out. The big two in my time as a player have been Jonny Wilkinson and Stephen Larkham…

The Art of Ten

People out there think that I have one of the lowest heartbeats in rugby. I often get asked how I have so much time on the pitch.

Catching the Moment

Ask the people down your local club what they think the most important skill for a fly-half or midfield back is. I reckon speed and passing might feature at the top of a lot of lists, but I am not sure how many would identify ‘catching’ as the number one priority. It seems, well, it seems so ordinary. Anyone can catch a rugby ball, right? Or nearly everyone…

Counter Attack

There is no point even beginning to talk about counter attack unless you are also going to talk about defence at the same time. It would be like telling someone how to make an omelette but forgetting the bit about breaking a few eggs. Defence provides the ingredients for so many counter attacks. Before you can launch out from defence, you have to break eggs…