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Non Contact Session Plans - Attack Alignment - HS and A with Dave Ellis

Another area of play we can develop non-contact is Attack Alignment. Plenty of game attack can be developed including - players running direct lines, developing play calls for attack plays, catch and pass while maintaining running lines, and building into multi line attack patterns. We warm up with Speed and Agility development with S&C specialist Paul Bunce. Then ex London Irish and now All Black 7s coach Clarke Laidlaw and IRANZ skills coach Dave Ellis develop the Attack alignment. Finishing with some run, catch & pass decision making with ex All Black centurion Mils Muliaina.

Part 1. Speed and Agility Development   14:22 Free video

To start the session S&C specialist Paul Bunce, with Haagsche Rugby Club, players details the key elements to speed and agility development. Remember – Your toe is an accelerator and heel is a brake. Toes pointing up and be bouncy, Big steps work and Step powerfully and aggressively.


Part 2. Training runner calls 12:53 Member content

First build your ‘Runner Call’ system as IRANZ’s skills coach Dave Ellis does with his players. This will enable them to target and exploit space in the opposing defences. Keep the calls simple for all players to understand. Give players shapes to run into space. Time your run. Too early and you’ve lost the move.

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Part 3. Catch Pass square up 3:11 Free video

Catch and pass alignment is the theme of Clark Laidlaw, ex London Irish assistant coaches session. Clark identifies the key elements – alignment speed and staying square.

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Part 4. Running Lines – Patterns/shapes 8:09 Member content

Progressing Dave uses the Goal Posts to great effect as he continues the Attack Alignment as he progresses Clark’s catch pass alignment building Attack patterns and shapes.
Dave, details how to straighten your attack, hold the defence and create space against a Goal Post defence.

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Part 5. Run, Catch & Pass: decisions under pressure 6:20 Member content

Finish the session and have some fun with Centurion All Black, Mils Muliaina building a Run, Catch and Pass structure. Building on the runner calls and attack alignment, identifying which players are where and who makes what decision to run or pass or catch? Where is the space? Do I commit to the contact, if so who clears out? Or should we pass out the back? So many decisons to be made and so little time it seems.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 44:55
Topics Youth Coaching Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Excellent drills with clear developments and progressions


Great information. love the warm up drills.


As always with Dave’s content, crystal clear, great progressions.

Arabian Gulf

Good video quality showing important drills with clear instructions.


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