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Adding Depth to Passing Waves - All with Dave Ellis

‘Run, catch, pass’ NOT catch, run, pass. In its most basic form passing waves cover timing, lines and depth right out of the box. As Ellisrugby's Dave Ellis highlights in this new series, with further adaptions passing waves can deliver much more for your players.

Part 1. Assessing players' Catch and Passing abilities   8:38 Member content

In its most basic form passing waves cover timing, lines and depth right out of the box.

As Dave Ellis highlights in this new series, with further adaptations they can deliver much more for your players.

1st step is to assess the players’ passing ability.

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Part 2. Creating Space 10:41 Member content

This week, Ellis Rugby’s Dave Ellis starts adding dimensions to the Passing Wave – Creating the Space.

The Space is always there – sometimes you just have to create it..

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Part 3. Go Drill and the Cut 9:15 Member content

Run at the defender, turn their shoulder and hold them to create the space.

The challenge is to execute it under pressure and fatigue.

This week, Ellis Rugby’s Dave Ellis adds Defenders to the Passing Wave plus the Cut/Switch move to create space.

The defence will align to match your attack – use it to create space.

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Part 4. Leaving on Time 4:26 Member content

Take the lead from who you are receiving the ball from to time your run onto the ball

Ellis Rugby’s Dave Ellis works on timing of departure in the latest release in his Passing Waves series.

Drill the skill before you put into games and under pressure.

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Part 5. Pass and Point to find the target 12:36 Member content

Ellisrugby’s Dave Ellis finishes his Passing Wave series with his Petone players by adding some Competition to build the intensity.

Dave also highlights the importance of Pointing after the Pass to find the Target.

Players also need to set a target to receive the Pass.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 32:15
Topics Sevens Youth Coaching Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans   Managers   Youths, ands, highs, and schools   Sevens  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Am helping our college 1st 15 by observing live rugby in various level without any formal training. This is of huge help appreciated.

New Zealand

Great video


As always simple , effective and makes perfect sense


Absolutely brilliant Dave. Those handling fundamental skills are so important. I like what you have said “sometimes we doing these simple passing drills as a piece of cake, but this is where the big game are won and loss..” Awesome. Thank you very much..

Arabian Gulf

Part 4 is brilliant – making players think hard while executing – brilliant. And it looks like a game too.


Once again Dave has clearly explained and demonstrated a useful session with key factors easy to understand. I look forward to conducting a better session next week.


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