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Run, Catch, Pass & Alignment - HS and A with Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis (EllisRugby), returns this time out on the pitch with the Manawatu Turbos Academy players, in his new Run, Catch, Pass & Alignment series.

Part 1. Keeping Square, Spacing & Depth while testing Passing Ability   9:10 Member content

Dave Ellis returns this time out on the pitch with the players, testing their passing ability plus keeping square and aligned. It’s a race to the gain line. The quicker the pass means start closer to gain line. Stay flat and leave later. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Reading and Unlocking Defences 10:32 Member content

Angled runners, skip passes, layered attack. Which Attack option to use where and when to beat defences. EllisRugby’s Dave Ellis is back making attack option decisions to beat different defences in his latest Run Catch and Pass series release. Dave with the help of the Manawatu Turbos Academy players details Attack play options to be used against different defences. Find the space, Defend at real speed to create real scenarios, Ball will always beat the man. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Working on your Pass - Static error correction 6:08 Free video

Too high, too low, too fast, too slow. All common passing issues that can be easily sorted. EllisRugby’s Dave Ellis, with the Manawatu Turbos Academy players, shows how to easily improve players passing technique issues. Dave’s simple to execute technique suitable for all levels of the game to improve players passing. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Duration 25:50
Topics Catch and Pass Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans   Managers  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Used training U15s backs last night. Excellent session.


Loved the static error correction especially for the no. 8


Great fundamental point of staying square with the challenge of starting flatter but holding your feet and taking your timing of the inside player. I see a few of the players dropping there hands and reloading after they initially catch the ball instead of catching early in a position that they can give a one motion pass when they catch it.


Great to get the attack to think about the various defence shapes

South Africa

Wonderfully simple…


Simple and effective. Going to use it in practice today!




simple is nearly always best . great explanation


great for player understanding. key is coach ability to challenge players understanding


Excellent video!


Very good, video, I will use that.


Great content again, we’re always looking at getting our players to attack flat on the gain line, with the execution of catch early and release early. Cheers Dave


Great video to keep players square while passing and attacking the gainline!


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