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About Zane Winslade

Zane works as a mental skills consultant with elite athletes at The Athlete Factory in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. He is a former professional player (Tasman Makos 2006-2009) who has extensive experience in coaching and education. He has a Masters degree in Sport Psychology from John F Kennedy University and produced research on team performance under pressure in Rugby. Zane works as a mental skills coach with the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union.

Zane Winslade's latest articles

Arousal levels and rugby performance: Do I need to pump them up?

Controlling what we call “arousal” in sport psychology is an interesting discussion. With coaches who have felt the need to attempt to alter the arousal levels of players before or during matches. This is usually based on a subjective judgment on how they perceive players to be in a particular moment, which is actually a really important point! What you see is not necessarily the whole story. Mental skills coach Zane Winslade explains.

Performance Success or Failure under Pressure

Why do people have a tendency to fail when it matters most? More commonly known as ‘choking’. It can happen in any situation both on the sports field and off it. This week Mental Skills coach Zane Winslade explains some of the science behind why this happens.

What can Rugby Players learn from extreme sport?

Whilst being caught up in the rugby world it is easy to forget about what we can learn from other sports and how they push the boundaries of human potential. This week Mental skills coach Zane Winslade examines how much can be learned from other sports that can be applied from tactical and technical standpoint.

Building Confidence In Players

Mental skills coach Zane Winslade looks at what it means and how best to build players confidence.