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Tackle - Session Plan for Returning to Rugby - HS and A with The Rugby Site

This session plan is tailored to teams that are returning to contact rugby after a lengthy lay off. We focus on safe tackle technique in a 1v1 engagement with below the waist tackling according to the new tackle laws. To start Trainer Dean Rice uses the local park as an exercise facility. Why not try it at your park and get warm up ideas from your players on possible exercises. Get creative and make it a competition and have some fun. Josh Syms presents some great tackle primer drills for the players to get used to the tackle position and contact. Ex Blues and Manu Samoa and current Canon Eagles defence coach Al Rogers progresses through a safe tackle session focusing on the new tackle laws and below the waist tackling. Again no equipment apart from balls and cones required. Enjoy getting back into rugby.

Part 1. Training in the Park   14:18 Free video

Follow trainer Dean Rice as he goes outside to the park with one of the North Shore club players, and they find ways to train Rugby specific exercises. Be creative and have some fun with your players as you find ways to exercise and warm up around your ground.


Part 2. Tackle Primers 12:38 Member content

Hawkes Bay Assistant coach Josh Syms introduces a couple of exercises that prime players for the tackle practice but also helps develop specific tackle technique. As always add a bit of competition and fun to the program.

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Part 3. Approaching the Tackle 13:20 Member content

Now you are warmed up and tackle focused onto tackling the New Tackle Laws. Manu Samoa and ex Blues Defence coach Al Rogers, with the help of Takapuna Grammar players, starts to change tackling habits with emphasis on targeting the knees in the tackle. Same shoulder, hand, and leg. Get low and head up watching the target. Hands behind the knee. Hit through the tackle.

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Part 4. Tackle Decision Making under Pressure 5:59 Member content

Execute simple tackle technique and the outcome takes care of itself. Alastair, completes the tackle progression by challenging the players’ decision making and technique under pressure with positive results. Get off the line and meet the attacker. Self awareness of your skill execution. Positive effective tackle = unstable attacker.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 46:15
Topics Youth Coaching Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

The palms of the hands was a good little technique for body shape!


Good strength exercises

New Zealand

Will be using this in the warm-up on match day.


Excellent Video for reCoaching bad habits on footwork etc


Really good loved the use of the mobile phone.


no esta traducido


Very good after a layoff to get them back into tackling

South Africa

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