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Drop Kick Restarts - All with Dan Carter

Learning how to drop kick is challenging, it takes a lot of hard work, practice and dedication. But when you do nail it, it's very rewarding. From the drop height, to balance, shoulder positioning and follow through, in this video I will take you through the different types of drop kicks and my checklist for their perfect execution.

Part 1. Drop Kick Restarts   8:48 Member content

The drop kick is a great way to decide a close game. Dan Carter shows us the small areas you can improve to ensure that ball goes over.

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Course Part 1
Duration 08:48
Topics TRS Español Player Programme Coaches Corner Kicking
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

3 great demonstrations that I can share with my kickers. helping with the basics… The ball drop is the most important, its also how the ball bounces is also the most critical, not bouncing back or to the side…


Dan Carter’s DK video is pretty good but . . . he omitted a critical point. While his point that the heights, or rise, off the ground (at the point the foot strikes the ball) govern the trajectory of the kicks his demonstration shows the ball bouncing perfectly with the ball’s axis vertical. Nicely done, Dan. He omits to show what happens when the ball is tilted when it’s dropped. It bounces to the side and the kick will be slice or a shank. This is the first problem the new DKer has to overcome. If you’re coaching a kicker it’s something you have to spot & fix. I also don’t agree that the follow through governs the distance. It’s the stride into the ball that controls the power, the follow through is a by-product. Compare the strides to the ball in the short and long kicks in Dan’s video. I’d even counsel a two-step approach for short and a three-step for longer.


Very good video. Well and clearly explained with detailed instruction on how to vary the drop kick.

Arabian Gulf

Decent video but I notice that almost all droppies he also rotated as he’s kicking; some tutelage about that would be great


It’s great I do drop kicks and I can see my improvement more plz

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Brilliant video. Excelled my knowledge on how to kick the ball high and short. Thanks Dan.


Awesome details Dan, my son’s and I are avid fans of your game and ability, these finer points of learning to drop kick will definitely help our boy’s improve their efforts. Guess where we’re off to in the morning, thanks Dan.


Great video to watch! I really need help with my drop kick so this video helped!


Awesome video, clear and easy to follow from the best! you’ve inspired my 6 year old son who is also left footed. Cheers Dan .. All the best

New Zealand

The key words (stab kick, pause, etc) are usefully terms to provide players.


I am a coach of 3rd level, I’ve never been very good at kicking when I played: With your movies I can better learn the different types of football and then, I hope, be able to teach something to my kids (drop kick restarts) .


i like this video because it really helps my drop kick

New Zealand

Great tips from one of the finest fly half’s to play. Good to see the drop kick variations, the drop, balance, timing & follow through are all key parts effectively demonstrated. Very helpful for coaching the kids at Oakmeadians RFC in Bournemouth.


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