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Tackle Techniques - All with Richie McCaw

In this video I will share with you my tackle techniques and most importantly the attitude I take into the tackle. An attitude that keeps me in the game and ensures that I can be as effective as possible at the tackle.

Part 1. Tackle Techniques   6:58 Member content

Richie McCaw takes us through the attitude it takes to perform great tackles. He delves into technique of the tackle and explains into the post tackle.

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Course Part 1
Duration 06:58
Topics Tackling Player Programme
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Another good tip on how to ‘dominate’ tackle, ending up on top/back of feet quick.


Tackle ends when you back on you feet. Good take out. thanks richie


Helps a lot as a young enthusiastic player, Thanks

New Zealand

Very good and quite clear


Great video, well explained. I will use this.


well explained and easy to understand

South Africa

good video, good tips


good video!


awesome stuff Richie from Riley aged 9

New Zealand

muy bueno


getting any sort advice from one of the greatest player to play our game is great. Thankyou


I’ve got a game to day! Going to try this


Well explained and demonstrated with good simple technique to build on. Look foward to sharing it with my U14s


Go Ritchie my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Zealand

amazing tutorial


Mental process a good key point in tackle. Back on feet.

New Zealand

Excellent explanation.


Great stuff! Awesome to see the best player show how he thinks during a tackle. Also so simple too.


Excellent part of this video is the thought process on the way to the tackle. High/Low/Dominant. Adds more to the game than just “tackling”. Excellent for higher level players.


A good explanation, by one of the worlds best, about regaining your feet quickly, I enjoyed it and will use it.


From the master him self, his play is testimont to this video, that attitude of the tackle not being complete until your back on your feet is spot on.


The sound and video doesn’t match. So far I love the videos very informative but this problem is making them hard to follow


Concise & precise points for delivery; Same shoulder, Same foot to control the tackle!


very good,simple not over complicated.


Good video, gave some great hints on how to be able to get back to your feet and the adage that the tackle isn’t over until you get your hands on the ball is excellent


I thought this was an excellent little video – especially the emphasis on regaining your feet after the tackle to compete for the ball…..something that isn’t always covered when coaching tackling techniques..!!


Hi Douglas, thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you have been having issues. I have sent you an email to try and establish what the problem is and rectify it for you. Please email me at and we will get this sorted for you. Regards, Chloe – Site Admin

New Zealand

I have paid for it but can’t see it! Your set up does not seem to be too good. Video and Dialogues frequently not following the sound.


Thought the video was great for the mindset you take into your tackling. For almost 7 minutes you get great insight of Richie McCaw’s tackling attitude. Can’t complain for the price I paid for this.


Tend to agree that more examples are needed and build up drills. Perhaps even game examples.


good of Richie explaining about what the tackler can do about the ball after the tackle. Could have done with more examples

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

the video is too short and the preview show something different from the full video but I think that the video worth the money and help with very good tips about tackling. Would buy again


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