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7s Conditioning Series with Chris Brown

Chris ‘walks the talk’ which also aids the respect he gets from players. Chris also has vast technical and tactical knowledge of rugby, which will become obvious after 5 minutes of conversation with him. This separates him from most other conditioning coaches and is a huge positive in bridging the gap between rugby and conditioning in any program.

Part 1. Chris Brown 7s Conditioning Downs & Ups   4:43 Member content

Hear Chris explain how to focus on floor conditioning and combat work in order to be more effective in the defence.

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Part 2. Chris Brown 7s Conditioning 25m Sprint Drill 5:56 Member content

USA Rugby 7s Assistant Coach, Chris Brown, continues his 7s training drills. Watch this instalment as he takes you 25m Sprint training. It is more difficult than it sounds!

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Part 3. Chris Brown 7s Conditioning Hit Shield Drill 3:11 Member content

Watch Chris as he has the players doing combat drills with the tackle shields in the third part of this series.

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Part 4. Chris Brown 7s Conditioning Pre-match Warm Up 4:59 Member content

Hear Chris explain his pre-match warm up in part 4 of this series.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 18:09
Topics Sevens Player Programme Conditioning
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Really good intensity when you are short on time.


Great stuff using this week and weekend for games. TY


Some great takeaways for me as a coach to energise the team when they hit game 4 of a long weekend of playing.

New Zealand

appreciate the simplistic but very effective approach.


Some excellent drills that I will be using with our guys


I rate Chris Browns entire conditioning series…esp at my level of coaching colts rugby. All have relevance and agree his technical and game knowledge is relative to this series of drills. Mauri ora????

New Zealand

Great Warm Up


Good very effective drills. Will be using them and 100% recommend.


Very impressed with the full Chris Brown 7s conditioning series. I’ll be applying these to the full game as well. 5*


Awesome drills, I see these helping to develop mental toughness as well as fitness. These drills force one to dig deep. Thanks Brownie.


Great drills to improve player skills and performance in a game

South Africa

Great drill, easy to conduct and monitor. No equipment, so any club can add it to their training.


great videos


I’m done these drills before and I hate them haha, the results were quite noticeable though.


This is a very good but hard drill, my team well not like me next training. Great work Chris

New Zealand

Down Ups great with Kids/Teens in reaffirming the idea of getting immediately up from the tackle and into a solid rucking form – both from a technical & conditioning standpoint.


Always looking for drills that involve skills & conditioning. Will be good to use.


Like the fact that the ball is part of this drill


Great new idea for me, I will use it.


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