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7s Attacking Shape - All with Mike Friday

Mike Friday was the man behind Kenya’s re-emergence as a genuine power in the 7s game. As the head coach of Kenya, Mike lead his team to the semi-finals of the 2013 7s World Cup and to the final of the Wellington 7s. A former England 7s captain and head coach, he is rightly considered and respected as one of the world’s leading 7s coaches.

Part 1. Mike Friday 7s Attacking Shape Promo   0:35 Member content

Hear from Mike Friday talking about the upcoming coaching content coming soon to TRS!

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Part 2. Mike Friday 7's Attacking shape - drill 1 11:01 Member content

In this session, I’m going to take you through how we move the ball but more importantly, how we support and get to the line break in order to beat the sweeper. A part of the game of Rugby 7’s that is often not looked at in detail is work ethic off the ball, to then get on the ball. ‘Work hard off the ball to be effective on it.” This is a crucial part of ensuring you score the try when you get an effective line break.

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Part 3. Mike Friday 7's Attacking shape - drill 2 11:11 Member content

In this drill, I’m focusing on the recognition and understanding of leg speed at 5,6,& 7 in order to work out how hard the defence is coming at the attack. This determines the attacks line speed to create the opportunity on the outside or to create a line break in between the inside defenders.

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Part 4. Mike Friday 7's Attacking shape - drill 3 7:36 Member content

In this drill, I’m going to create different attacking pictures by having different defensive structures. The attack have to recognise what defensive picture they are seeing and then attack the weak defender. It’s about recognition, then communication then being effective and accurate in your attacking decision making.

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Duration 30:23
Topics Sevens
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Languages English

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Course reviews

Great Stuff but cuts off very regularly


Good session! Reinforces communication and working off the ball to take advantages of decisions at 5-6-7


when this article will be traslate to spanish ?


This is top quality material. Very useful indeed. Good job Mike and The Rugby Site.

New Zealand

would be nice if the audio did not kick out after 4 minutes. What kind of streaming technology are you using?




I love how Drill 3 forces communication from 7/the last man, and the subsequent voices from the center. It’s often difficult for players to recognize the importance of communication from the wing. As always, from Mike Friday, really great stuff.


Mike is certainly one of the best demonstartors in the game with his clear, precise terminology to his simple but effective drills. Recognize, Communicate, Execute.


superb session it breeds confidence and decision making in passing and attacking the space


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