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7s Attack and defence drills - All with Mike Friday

USA Rugby 7s coach and NexGen 7s founder Mike Friday presents another great series from Sydney University in Australia on drills to develop your 7s game.

Part 1. Mike Friday - 7s Promo   0:25 Free video

USA Rugby 7s coach and NexGen 7s founder Mike Friday previews his latest series on drills to develop your 7s game.


Part 2. 7s Kick Off Fundamentals - The Stack Kick Off 5:13 Member content

Mike starts the series with the Kick off.
His focus in the video is on how to stack your players ready to receive and claim the kick-off. Enjoy!

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Part 3. 7s Attack Set Up from the Line Out 5:09 Member content

Mike now starts to focus on 7s attack strategies.
In this video he works on Attack Strategies from the Lineout.

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Part 4. 7s Scrum Attack Strategies 6:42 Member content

Mike continues with his 7s Attack strategies.
This week he details Attack strategies for a 7s scrum.

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Part 5. 7s Attack - Reload the Pullout 8:45 Member content

This week Mike demonstrates how to maximise your attack using ‘The Pullout’ to great effect. Enjoy!

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Part 6. 7s Attack Strategies - The Wrap 7:05 Member content

In this video, coach Friday lets us in on his first trick to giving his pace enough space. It’s called “The Wrap”. Enjoy!

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Part 7. 7s Attack Strategies - The Drag 7:03 Member content

Mike’s latest video is called The Drag, it is a simple pattern of play. Enjoy!

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Part 8. 7s Attack Combo Drill - Pull Out, Drag or Wrap? 4:35 Member content

Decision making is one of the most important facets in the game. Players and coaches need to know what cues they are looking for when executing these plays. Join Mike, as he picks up the subtilties in our attacking options.

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Part 9. 7s Attack Drill from 5, 6 & 7 7:08 Member content

In this module Mike looks at the role of the 5, 6 and 7 and how to manipulate the space for your speed. Enjoy!

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Part 10. 7s Attack Hit on Drill 4:21 Member content

Mike joins us to demonstrate one of his favourite drills, the Hit on drill. Enjoy!

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Part 11. 7s Attack Structure - The Mirror Drill 8:40 Member content

To help you develop a 7s game like South Africa and Fiji, we have USA 7s coach Mike Friday to take us through some attack drills. Enjoy!

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Part 12. Defence 1,2, and 3 Drill 7:17 Member content

Mike introduces a defence build up drill for position’s 1,2, and 3. Looking at their roles and responsibilities. Enjoy!

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Part 13. Defence 4, 5 and 6 Drill 9:53 Member content

Watch Mike Friday in his latest video talk about the build up drill, concentrating on 4, 5 and 6 man. Enjoy!

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Part 14. 7s Attack and Defence - The Italian Job 5:47 Member content

Mike completes his defence series with what he calls the Italian Job. Enjoy!

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Part 15. Split Chaos Drill 4:48 Member content

Mike Friday returns with a 7s defence session Split Chaos. Enjoy!

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Part 16. 7's Contact - Pop & Chop 6:37 Member content

Mike Friday returns with the ‘Pop’ and ‘Chop’ tackle. Enjoy!

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Part 17. 7's Contact - 2 in Drill 8:06 Member content

In this video, Mike explains what you can and can’t do at the breakdown. Enjoy!

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Part 18. 7's Contact - Clear out drill 5:04 Member content

Mike gets physical in this video as he presents another excellent drill to get players focusing on technique and making decisions at speed. Enjoy!

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Part 19. 7's Contact - The Danno Drill 6:39 Member content

In this video, Mike shows you how to understand the pitch – in attack and defence and where the ‘threat’ is. Enjoy!

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Duration 119:17
Topics Sevens
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Languages English

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Course reviews

I can see why you use the 4th player from pullout to be the short runner, it makes it hard for the defence to see him coming from a mile away.

New Zealand

This is really good coaching philosophy. For me as a former player it gives you a clear understanding of what your role in either attack or defence is. I really like your videos Mike. Great coaching and that’s why all the teams you coach are so competitive and good on the sevens platform

South Africa

Great videos – so much information in them to make you think about coaching the game.

Why is the short runner 4th player from the pull out player? We have used 3rd player. Is it timing?


How relevant can this be used for 15 a side?


At the moment working with students who never played sevens before. Sharing parts 4-5-6-7-8 really helps them understanding the flow of 7s. This whole serie of vids is also helpfull for me for bringing over the “message” of sevens rugby.

Thanks Mike!


wow! This is good stuff! First class drills!!


Great videos, and simple to integrate into training.


Great to see the top coaches using basic 2 V 1 terminology when explaining an attacking strategy.


these session are great. im finding it hard to share with players? can anubody help?


Mike’s videos give great insight into the art of coaching 7s. What makes them powerful is that they empower you from a practical point of view, presenting material you can use immediately and with ease, whilst you also pick up very useful pertinent language.

New Zealand

Excellent vids, although you may want to update some. Specific example: Part 7. 7’s Contact – 2 in Drill, about the “rights” of the tackler, as they must now come throug hthe gate. But again, great videos and excellent technical points.

Hong Kong

Brilliantly broken down. Love the work he’s doing with the USA team.


Great vids.

Brian – Good question, in my experience with HS and young college players using the third player for the short line is plenty effective, and more managable for them because you can stick in simple groups of three.

However, smart comments from Nicolas in Mexico and Nigel in Wales. Ultimately using the fourth player will be more effective as you face tougher competition, but it requires every player on your team being able to operate at pivot.


Excellent video and present. Carter Croft.


In spanish please ! Every video posted is delayed months for to traslate to spanish !


If I could jump in on the 3rd vs 4th man debate, I think the main reason for the 4th man being the short runner is not so much for the initial basic pull out option, but for the drag and wrap options. The 3rd player would be too compressed to be an effective option for this as he would be running pretty much straight and therefore not what Mike calls the magic trick i.e. that player that pops into a hole at the last moment to fix the defence



Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Mike showed this at a recent Summit, and it was very illuminating. It solved a huge problem for our attack (which was built around a quick ruck – but left our attack always short vs the defense). Simple but genius


Rugby Site, we’d love if you can translate in spanish !!!


Outstanding video! Great combination of 7s specifics, conditioning and examples of adapting as a coach. Mike Friday is great to watch!


Fantastic!!! If i can join the conversation of Nigel and Dunbar, for me it has to be the 4 man to keep the continuity because you need 3 person to keep the ball secure, and the 4th man comes to keep the continuity of the game if there is space in the defense. If the short runner is the 3rd man you can have problems in case of a tackle to keep the ball safe.


Good stuff !!!

South Africa

Translate in spanish… p l e a s e !!!!!


Great series


This is fantastic training.


Translate in spanish, please!!


this is awesome.


Great, simple yet effective drill videos Mike! Thx.

In answer to Brian Dunbars review I believe using the 3rd player in this way drags the defence over to create more space. Using the 2nd player would not create as much space. If they don’t follow the 3rd player then the attack will have numbers to attack the short side.


Very interesting ! Thanks Mike !


I would like to ask Mike why the 3rd player away from pull out player runs the short line instead of the second player out from pull out player? My high school team thought that the 3rd man out is too far away. Many high school teams run the second man away as short runner. My thought is that if the 3rd man out starts his run on time he can get there and the defense will not be as quick to recognize where the short runner is coming from. Regards, Brian Dunbar Head Coach Unionville Rugby Varsity Boys Coach U.S.A


Friday’s sessions are always enlightening. These are no exception.




Wow, fantastic. Very simple and easy to comprehend.

New Zealand

Nicely done with 2/3 angle perspectives for players and coaches, clearly presented by Mike


good, but in this video there are no subtitles (CC button). could you please add them? thanks


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