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7's Conditioning with Eric Rush

To play good 7’s, you need to be fit, there’s no way you can get around that. It’s a different type of fitness to 15 a side rugby. I would only ever condition train 30 minutes, but it was a tough 30 minutes, it has to be full on. If you train jogging, you’re going to be really good at jogging, if you want to play hard out, you need to train hard out. If your players aren’t hurting at the end of the session, they haven’t been trying hard enough, it’s better to hurt on the grass than the scoreboard!

Part 1. 7's Conditioning   36:40 Member content

To play 7s rugby you need to be fit. Quite possibly the hardest working 7s player ever reveals the drills he used to keep at maximal fitness.

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Course Part 1
Duration 36:40
Topics Sevens
Applicable to Coaches   Sevens  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

This will get you fit, you don’t need to hit the pavement. Will work for 15’s also I think. Great stuff.


Well done, cool drills Rushy!!

New Zealand

Simple….7s program and drill…like the way he builds and builds his trainings….fitness, games etc

New Zealand

Great simple drills that evolve as the players evolve ….. would be of great benefit to include in the initial stages of training plan.


What I really like is the positiveness in the drills, the easy to remember build ups and the fun part. Excellent!


Well documented drills, easy to follow, to do and understand why. Well done

New Zealand

All the drills were excellent with modifications depending on fitness and skill level to improve players conditioning while playing and working on skills. Thank you.


I remember training once with him at ET fields, those 16 × 150s no kidding he blitz them easy… awesome to learn off the legend…

New Zealand

Well presented. Great skill plays and conditioning. Precise and straight to the point. Elaborates alot on importance of communicating and support.


Great help towards achieving our goals of speed rugby.thank you.

New Zealand

Awesome to listen to RUSHIE as a coach, concise, to the point,clear about what’s expected to play sevens at any level. With proper conditioning,variation of fitness drills & games,incorporating individual and sub unit ballskills, space awareness ,agility and support play,all packaged in one video. One can only but learn from The Legend.

New Zealand

Excellently presented,with clear concise advice for both player and coach. Highly recommended words of wisdom from the captain fantastic himself.


The fitness stuff at the beginning is a reminder of why I can’t play sevens. :) Fitness kills in that sport, though, especially as it’ll keep the mind fresh to focus on catch+pass, evasion, support, and defence. I really liked the 1 v 1 chase game. Think it’s great for working on intuitive evasion skills rather than ladder work (or do it straight after). On the “two-touch”, my team absolutely loves our “four-hand touch” that’s very similar. As with the boys in the video, it looks a bit ugly to start because it’s so different than normal touch, but it gets better when you remind them two things: take your man on and beat him (you have that first touch to step / swerve by him, whereas these boys got a bit lateral), and support is crucial (anticipate / read the line break and get into a smart position, screaming your presence to the ball carrier and calling for a pass in a timely manner). You can even step up the challenge by making that second touch lead to a turnover, really putting pressure on good attack lines, moving the ball to space, and effective support. Good module!


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