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Scrum and Lineout Setup - HS and A with Mike Cron

In this new series, ex All Black Scrum coach, Mike Cron recounts his 38 years of coaching with tips and tricks on all things scrummaging.

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Part 1. Mike Cron Interview   10:04 Free video

In this new series, we sit down with ex All Black scrum coach, Mike Cron and talk about coaching and effective training sessions. Coaches must keep coaching and players must keep learning. Enjoy!


Part 2. Set Up & Hit on Set 8:58 Member content

Mike, a legend with rugby coaching, starts with the Fundamentals of the Scrum Engagement and as always is asking players questions to gauge the success of the activity. Safety 1st, get balanced, and push as one – the foundation of Mike Cron’s scrummaging. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Scrum Set Up - Staying Tight 8:32 Member content

In Mike’s latest video, we start to build the Scrum. Mike details the current thinking on how to remain tight and locked like an ‘Ikea’ set to set your scrum. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Understanding the Value of your Role 7:49 Member content

Build the pressure but don’t go anywhere. Ex All Black Forwards and Scrum coach, Mike Cron, continues to build his Scrum. This week ‘Cronno’ is loading the power from the ground up. The ‘Ikea’ bind is in place now it is time to add the power but not the movement. Players also need to Understand the ‘value of their role’. 65% of the power comes from the ‘back 5’. Get through the processes. Sink and extend on the ‘go’ call.

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Part 5. Operate as a Unit 10:49 Member content

Scrummaging is: 8 people working in the same direction at the same time.
8 people having the ability to stay strong at the same time. Ex All Black Forwards and Scrum coach, Mike Cron, continues to build his Scrum with his Manawatu Turbo Academy players. This week, with eyes shut and no talk, ‘Cronno’ educates the pack on how to work together, asking the players to ‘Feel’ their connection.

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Part 6. Perfecting Individual Technique 13:48 Member content

This week, ex All Blacks Forwards and Scrum coach, Mike Cron, has an Individual Technique focus with his Manawatu Turbo Academy players, as he continues to build his Scrum. Watch ‘Cronno’, using a Powa Single Man Sled, individualise and perfect players’ Scrum Techniques. Enjoy!

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Part 7. Understanding your Body for Scrummaging 6:18 Member content

This week, 200+ test ex All Blacks Forwards and Scrum coach, Mike Cron with his Manawatu Turbos Academy players demonstrates how to get young players to understand and use their body better AND to get into a correct body position for entering a scrum or contact. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Scrum Safe - Protecting the Neck 6:58 Free video

The Scrum doctor, ex All Blacks Scrum coach Mike Cron, returns with a couple of Scrum Safety tips. Take the time to protect your players. Neck neutral. Bind under the shoulder. Collapse face down. Enjoy!

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Part 9. Vital Neck Strength Drills 13:27 Free video

In this video, ‘Cronno’ runs through the Neck Strength exercises he uses with his players. For all players…Know your player level and build accordingly…Include in every training. Enjoy!

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Part 10. Progressing 1v1 to 1v2 8:13 Member content

Ex All Blacks forwards coach Mike Cron returns to develop the ability to Stay Strong with Movement. This week ‘Cronno’ starts with 1v2 engagement and getting players to push through and not up or down. Learning under pressure to ‘stay in the contest’. Enjoy!

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Part 11. 1v1/3v3/6v6 - Loading Drill 6:09 Member content

In this video, Scrum guru and ex All Blacks forwards coach Mike Cron with help from his Manawatu Turbo Academy players works on developing Scrum Cohesion. ‘Cronno’ starts with 1v1 through to 8v8 engagement to isometric load together as a unit. Enjoy!

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Part 12. 8V8 - Isometric Loading 6:44 Member content

Scrum guru and ex All Blacks forwards coach Mike Cron completes his scrum series with the Manawatu Turbo Academy players putting together a full scrum Isometric Load. ‘Cronno’ completes the session with a ‘Learning Pot’ debrief. Coaches, a great environment for players to reinforce their learnings! Enjoy!

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Part 13. Adapt and Adjust 4:22 Member content

Load and Punch to generate forward momentum with no gap at scrum time. As Scrum guru and ex All Blacks forwards coach Mike Cron explains in this week release. ‘Cronno’ with the help of the Manawatu Turbo Academy players provides more ‘tools’ for your scrum coaching toolbox.

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Part 14. Lineout Primer Drills - Hooker Throw-ins 5:52 Member content

‘Cronno’ again with the Manawatu Turbos Academy players presents some Lineout Primers that he uses with his teams, starting with the Hooker and their throw. Enjoy!

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Part 15. Power from the Ground 3:22 Member content

No momentum just power from the ground – as ‘Cronno’ demonstrates. ‘Feel the Power’ – Scrummaging, tackle, maul, breakdown. Safer! In line with World Rugby’s new laws. Enjoy.

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Part 16. Lineout Primer Drills - Better Stability for Jumpers 10:37 Member content

In this video, Mike shows you how to Prime your lifts and jumps for all scenaros. Strong through the core – long through the arms. Enjoy!

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Part 17. Lineout Primer Drills - Developing Speed for Jumpers 10:21 Member content

Lineouts are a combination of explosive actions as All Black forwards coach Mike Cron reiterates in his final Lineout Primers session with his Manawatu Turbos Academy forwards. Build your team’s lineout explosive speed and catching agility using ’Cronno’s’ expertly presented Primers. Enjoy!

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Part 18. 1v1 Weighted Balance Drill 2:01 Member content

The Scrum Doctor, ex All Black’s forwards Mike Cron adds the final drill to our Forwards’ Primer series.

Cronno with his Manwatu Turbos Academy players adds some weight and coordination movement to the Isometric 1v1 drill.

Simple, effective and can be done by all forwards, at any level, male and female – just adjust the weights accordingly.

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Course reviews

Great drills and well taught too


Great info, gets the brain thinking and the creativity flowing.


Muy bueno todo pero no hay opciones en castellano..


fantastic learning tool .so much detail and knowledge.

South Africa

I just love the sessions done by Cron, he presents such useful reminders/tips.


That’s a well put together drill that can be used each week.

New Zealand

I truly love this series. mike is awesome and gives good in site that players can use to improve their play. It will help my players a lot.


Fantastic! Congratulations


Many years ago I had the privilege of attending a live session conducted by Mike in San Diego and it changed almost everything I did scrum wise. He was and continues to be the best.


Absolutely brilliant. Great process to take 8 players together through the steps of engagement. Also enjoyed how Mike used feedback from players to make adjustments or for encouraging correct form.


Very helpful

New Zealand

This is gold, will definitely be using this, Thanks Cronno


Excellent series, I hope there are more installments. (Hey, Rugby Site, please put a date on the content – I want to know if I’m watching something from this month, this year, this decade, this century….)


The Master! Always come away from a Mike Cron scrum session with new insights.


Loved this some really good common sense advice for coaches. Its all about the players learning

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Always leaves you wanting more. Such clarity and precision in language. Informative and enjoyable.


Wise words from a wise coach, Mike is always worth listening to.


Fantastic insight particularly about timings of a session. Coaches are too often slaves to their pre planned session and don’t read what the players need during their time with you. Don’t look at your lesson plan and watch so much, look/listen to your players.


Great interview!


Brilliant! Mike, where did you get that retractable stick of yours? Looks like a useful bit of equipment? Cheers

South Africa

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