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Tackle - New to Rugby Session Plan - Y with The Rugby Site

This session plan is targeted for young players either new to the game or required to tackle in a game for the 1st time. Tackling is a fundamental part of rugby and should be enjoyable and not feared. This session will help young players learn to tackle correctly and safely with a positive result.

Part 1. Tackle Safe - Starter Coach   19:33 Member content

This one is easy coaches. There is only one video to watch for good safe tackle technique – The Rugby Site Founder Brendan Ratcliffe has done an excellent job in putting together a ‘learn to tackle’ session.

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Course Part 1
Duration 19:33
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Regardless of what age group this is a good instructional video as it goes back to the basics for both players and coaches it also gives the players the conference to enjoy tackling and not get hurt.


Love the knees on the ground as it give more control and confidence with least amount of impact and can focus on technique for begginners which is much needed with alot of beginners here.


Simple and effective coaching techniques. Helped identify the “superman” tackle some players were using and have been able to address for better tackling.

New Zealand

Great progression, clear explanation.


Good quality video definitely going to use these drills in our junior team


Easy to follow progression for new tacklers and kids. Liked how Brendon talks about unsafe (bad) techniques to stay ahead of while coaching each progression.


Really liked how the specifics of tackling and ‘lining up’ attackers was laid out in this series!


outstanding teaching of basic elements – necessary to develop safe and confident technique


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