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Session Plan - Lineout Fundamentals - HS and A with The Rugby Site

Where do you start with your lineout after a long layoff? We have compiled a session plan with help from champion Crusaders forward coach Jase Ryan, champion Kobelco Steelers lineout coach Andries Bekker plus ex Springbok and champion lineout forward Victor Matfield. The session starts with a series of primers from Jase and Andries then Victor details the lineout execution. Practice the Micro skills before the start of the unit training.

Part 1. Warm up - Lineout Primer   4:03 Free video

Jase starts the session with some lineout primer drills he has his players do before every lineout session.

It is all about explosive movement and balance.


Part 2. Speed on the Ground Primer 4:21 Member content

Ex Springbox lock (and tallest ever Springbox lock), Andries Bekker presents some Lineout Primers he uses to prepare his Kobelco forwards for their Lineout unit session. Pivot and jump off both feet. Jump for maximum height. Less steps means less time for opposition to react.

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Part 3. Front and Back Lifters 6:25 Member content

Jase looks at the Lineout lifter and jumper roles during the lift.

Speed, explosive aerial movement creating stability in the air and stay connected as a group.

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Part 4. Hands in the Basket 4 Man drill 2:58 Member content

Jase adds a competitive Lineout primer drill to his Lineout series involving hooker, 2 jumpers and scrum half.

Hands under the opponent’s arms, coming into the ‘basket’ not over, and in their face blocking the view!

Note contact is limited in some areas and only use this drill if permitted under your restrictions.

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Part 5. Putting it All Together 3:15 Member content

Jase Ryan, pieces all the parts of the lineout together.

Explosive speed, accuracy and combination between the players is the key.

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Part 6. Technical and Tactical 22:22 Member content

Having warmed up, Victor Matfield shares the technical and tactical lineout skills he has developed over his playing and coaching career. “The most important thing in a lineout is that you do your basics right and then its like a chess game, when do you make what call”.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Duration 43:24
Topics Session Plans
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Languages English

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