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Scrum Session Plan - HS with Jase Ryan

This session plan is all about Scrum fundamentals. Introducing players to the fundamentals of safe scrummaging. Developing the right technique throughout the scrum not just the front row. Highly successful Front Row Club Founder and Crusaders forwards coach Jase Ryan details each part of the scrum setup. Then London Irish's Richard Pryor provides some excellent exercises for the forwards to execute their scrummaging skills. Jase's session uses scrum sleds but these can be replaced by players as Richard points out in his session. However, safety is paramount at all times during these contact sessions. Get safe scrummaging today.

Part 1. Warm up - Neck and Shoulders   5:56 Member content

Jase and his tight forward friends show how to get your forwards warmed up with some wrestling and core strength work.
Start with lower and upper body exercises.
Have some fun and banter as you get your forwards primed

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Part 2. Warm up - Neck Strength 5:55 Member content

This exercise series is valid for all rugby players as the neck can be exposed at all contact points in rugby. Plus any neck injury is also usually serious.
Follow Jase’s directions to warm up your players.

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Part 3. Hooker Setup and Engagement 4:17 Member content

Scrummaging starts with the Hooker.
Hand brake on, hand brake off, stay square and hips up and forward.
Jase explains the key aspects to the Hooker’s setup.

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Part 4. Prop Set-up and Engagement 7:15 Member content

Next we bring in the props to complete the front Row.
Jase demonstrates how a prop sets for a scrum, incorporating the Biarticular Line

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Part 5. Connecting your Locks 6:26 Member content

Time to connect the locks to the props.
Jase shows split stance, power on, extend, catch up, working together, and staying connected is how to connect them.

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Part 6. Connect the Loose Forwards 4:44 Member content

Loose forwards play a very important part in modern day scrummaging as Jase demonstrates in this session completing the scrum set-up.

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Part 7. Developing Correct Scrum Shape 17:46 Member content

Having put all the scrum pieces together with Jase Ryan you can now get your players working on their individual and unit techniques.
London Irish academy coach Richard Pryor provides a number of easy non machine exercises you can use to develop your scrum performance.
Great for technique and scrum fitness

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Duration 52:19
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great warmup fundamentals to get the lower body ready.

New Zealand

As a novice coach entering the season with Under 12s, this really is a good way of helping me look like I know what I’m doing! More please. Well done on this resource.


Great warm up and fundamental instructions for development appreciate the content and the expertise


Very good warm up drills for scrumming

South Africa
The Rugby site is a fantastic hub of rugby knowledge and one of the coaching tools I like to use to better myself in the sport.

muy bueno , muy ordenado


Like many coaches who weren’t really front rowers this video gives some good ideas to help develop front rowers and also to keep training fresh, thank you, love it!


Brilliant breakdown of hooker/scrum basics!


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