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Non Contact Catch and Pass Session Plans - All

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great explanation


Some really helpful tips here to help refresh my coaching!


Really useful video, gave a lot of use tips to avoid the bucket catch

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

MUY interesante para hacer la entrada en calor del entrenamiento activando las destrezas y juego de apoyos .


We have produced a non contact Session Plan for coaches to use develop their rugby skills.
The 1st of these Session Plans is CATCH and PASS.

The key is to be adaptable and innovative, stay positive, connected and healthy.
These sessions are based on the premise that players can come together and train in groups but are not permitted to use equipment or have full contact with another player.
Please modify if restrictions are different in your region or for your age grade.
Also, any gym related exercise suggested can be replaced in location and equipment.

The Individual skill from this session to practice at home, or at the park with your friends, is the Build Power in Your Pass. You can practice this anywhere as long as you have a ball available.

Duration 28:40
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Modules and onlies  
Languages English

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