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Fundamentals of Kicking - HS and A with The Rugby Site

There are 11 different types of kicks in rugby. With more kicks in play at all levels of the game, effective kicking technique(s) are becoming increasingly more important. Understand how to kick and learn to, or improve your kicking, in our Fundamentals of Kicking series with Kicking Coach Bryce Shearer.

Part 1. Building Strength into your kicking   4:07 Free video

Inflection, extension, rotation, unilateral planes

all part of the creating balanced dynamic kicking movement.

This week, new contributor kicking coach – Bryce Shearer kicks into our latest series – Fundamentals of Kicking.

Bryce calls on his Personal Trainer knowledge and starts with exercises to build your kicking muscle strength.


Part 2. 3 Steps to Build Power in your Kicks 5:40 Member content

Extension, rotation, follow through together create the power in your kicks out of hand or off the tee.

As kicking coach Bryce Shearer demonstrates in the 2nd part of his Kicking Fundamentals series.

Bryce with the help of Rosmini College’s Jackson Savage build the 3 parts of your kicking mechanics into one connect movement.

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Part 3. Kicking for distance 6:11 Member content

Kick through the ball and not up Stay low and rotate through the kick.

Kicking coach Bryce Shearer’s, key points as he looks to add distance and accuracy to the out of hand kicking in this week’s release.

Bryce and Rosmini College’s Jackson Savage put the 3 parts of the kicking mechanics into action to add distance and accuracy to the ‘out of hand’ kicks.

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Part 4. Place Kick - Time to Dial in the Run Up 9:47 Member content

Between 7 and 8 o’clock is the ’sweet spot for the approach angle to the ball.

Kicking coach Bryce Shearer continues his Kicking series with Rosmini College’s no 10, Jackson Savage.

This week, Bryce looks to dial in the ‘right’ angle for a consistent approach to the ball.

Note: its between 4 and 5 o’clock for the left footers!

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Part 5. Off the Tee Kicking Accuracy & Mindset 4:57 Member content

Take the pressure out of goal kick by focusing on a target beyond the posts.

As Kicking coach Bryce Shearer explains to Rosmini College’s no 10, Jackson Savage.

Bryce is focused on achieving Kicking Accuracy with his ‘off the tee’ kicking.

Kick down the line to dial in the accuracy.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 25:00
Topics Kicking Player Programme Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Youths, ands, highs, and schools   Sevens  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Enjoyed this video, in particular the ball drop and its simplicity. I ran a session with the kickers in our team and the light bulb moments were clear!

New Zealand

Excellent 2videos. Remember to search for great “feel” as you co-ordinate all three parts to make it smooth(and not “clunky”). Try kicking into a football net at 40% power to help achieve this.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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