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Same Way Team Attack - HS and A with Wayne Smith

In this video we will look at bringing our forwards into our attack off 9. Looking at specific roles and the attack options these create. The aim is to provide a whole lot of attacking options to make the opposition defence think. If we can make them think, we can make them sluggish.

Part 1. Same Way Team Attack: Using forwards in the attacking line   27:36 Member content

In this video we will look at bringing our forwards into our attack off 9. Looking at specific roles and the attack options these create. The aim is to provide a whole lot of attacking options to make the opposition defence think. If we can make them think, we can make them sluggish.

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Course Part 1
Duration 27:36
Topics Coaches Corner Attack
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

I used this last season, once the players got used to the principles it totally changed the dynamics on how our forwards attacked, creating massive gaps, drawing defense, providing attack options for the backs. Highly effective!!!


As a coach myself, this video is excellent and I can’t praise Wayne Smith enough for a great attacking emphasis!


Je trouve tous les exercices des Wayne très intéressants il y a le pourquoi le quand le comment


fantastic tutorial! Will be using this for sure! Thank you to the rugby site! To job! More of everything please lads :)


Great video. Great way to explain roles of players leaving the scrum. And where to position themselves to stretch the defence and get more go forward ball.


great video well explained.thanks Wayne.good luck for the world cup.

New Zealand

Excellent video on attack using lead runner, we have used these patterns all season with added tip on and back door options. Result of precise execution 20 wins from 21 league games and promotion, thank you Rugby Site for the idea. Wayne Smith best around.


Excellent work, very simple but yet has a lot of options with the ball, in the same time making defender think. Awesome …


I would love Wayne to do a Change of Direction Attack with integrated forwards. For example going same side twice with the forwars, but then bringing it back reverse side with a wide backline attack. Most defensive systems are very alert to same side attack and you sometimes have to be creative to get by them.


Just want to reinforce what Jordan Watson said. It took me a while to understand what the lead was doing so close to the line and why he was catching the ball standing to flat-footed. I like this video for showing what options you can use with forwards and how to link to to the backs, but a little more clarity of each role would have been fantastic.


excellent video. Excellent tips. I plan on implimenting this as a go to setup to ensure all the young players expect the ball, and we have options off it.


Great presentation again with clear ideas being implemented well. I especially like how Wayne asks the players if they have any questions. Sometimes I find when I coaching team attacking patterns, the frustration can get the better of me when players make mistakes. Wayne is also really good at reinforcing the positives throughout what can be a difficult learning process for the players.


Great video. Definitely great ideas about how to cause problems for defence.

New Zealand

very helpful structure and fantastic set-up off the ruck…


Excelente video que ofrece con simpleza y claridad una idea o alternativa para ganar preciosas fracciones de segundo en el desarrollo general del juego.


very helpful, good video


Helpful structure to assist with game development…

New Zealand

Fantastic demostration that shows how to get set up off the ruck. Can’t wait for our season here in Canada to start to impliment it.


Funny to see that french and kiwi coach the same way sometimes


As good as the coaching is here, the much improved production(side by side comparison footage, highlighting the target channel etc) when compared to the early modules on the site, is also a big help.


This was by far the best module from Wayne so far he is getting better and better as well as the editing – makes for a much better clip. Just one thing though it would be awesome if he was constantly revisiting the purpose of moves like this i.e. to throw a flat pass near the gain line and achieve quick ruck ball which in turn is much harder to defend and easier to expoit the space in the form of gaps, mismatches or overlaps

He remains a person I really look up to as a young coach and can’t wait for our paths to meet so I can pick the brain of a proven coach of the highest caliber. Seriously can’t wait

New Zealand

Great to see the system in place and then the options to develop the system, gives us an option to develop on with our teams


Really enjoyed that module, Mr Smith. Has reinforced our Forward Attack here at Cairns Brothers which has carried us strongly into today’s Major Semi Final against the Minor Premiers. Should be a ripper in glorious conditions this afternoon. Cheers!!


Better late than never. Too bad this video has come at the end of my coaching season. Will definitely use it for future reference. My best Wayne Smith clip to date. Well presented, Rugby Professor!Look forward to more detail coaching.


Absolutely first class coaching session, easily explained and able to incorporate to youth players as well as more experienced and senior players. Game related from start to finish.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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