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Attack Fundamentals - All with Josef Schmidt

In this module I'll share with you my thoughts around Attack fundamentals. Looking at making sure we get discipline in our running lines, our timing and our quality of pass. When we put them all together they will make up the framework of how we play.

Part 1. Attack Fundamentals   33:20 Member content

Jo goes through the very basics of attack. How to draw and pass, what lines to run, why and when. Gold from a master coach.

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Part 2. Developing a Great Team 0:02 Free video

Successful Irish coach Joe Schmidt talks to the The Rugby Site about what believes make a great rugby team.

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Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 33:20
Topics Coaches Corner Attack
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Jo knows his stuff

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

outstanding video!!! Is this video available in spanish?


Love these drills defo going to try these ????


interessant de re approprier une habilete technique avec de l’opposition afin de se rapprocher de la réalite du jeu


Great technical stuff, very well explained. Great to see the asking of questions to players to make sure they understand the why. Would have like to have seen a quick 2-4 minute talk/demo as to why we attack with a much flatter line than the old standard 5×5 staggered formation.


Perhaps the most significant skill set that the Kiwis have over the rest of the rugby world. From 1 to 15 everyone is taught to be comfortable with ball in hand.


Brilliant progression. Simple to complex! Adding more concepts in each drill. Great to keep in mind!!!


Well explained and great content

South Africa

muy bueno


5/5 great site. I love it.


Delivered good detail to get accuracy and explained the reasons clearly to players. Progression levels of each exercise attainable for players. Excellent.

New Zealand

JS is coaching brilliance.


Great video, as an ex prop coaching u11s and u12s i was finding it difficult to explain what i wanted my Players to do in attack ,this helped so much,i cant wait to try it at training, also as im working towards doing my L2 soon this will help me personally in the way i coach and explain things


It’s easy to see why Leinster and Ireland have thrived under Joe. Fantastic attention to detail and progression, great video!


Great vid’ from ‘St. Joe’ I’m using the ideas with my U14s. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m looking forward to seeing them develop their skills.


This Video allows me to see the training techniques “Fundamentals attack” in detail. This will help me to better teach the basic techniques to attack. Thanks Josef Schmidt.


Beginner coach here, found the fundamentals and drills from Josef Schmidt very helpful.


Good session by Josef Schmidt’s you can see why Ireland have been doing well in there attacking play. Great way for players to understand passing & running skills at any level.


Great way of coaching basic core skills such as passing and receiving and running lines.It was well presented. Outcome is easily understandable as well as the strategies of how to achieve it. I really enjoyed the session. Great stuff!

-Patrick Van Wyk-Namibia


Good basic drills, excellent for premier players to do as a warm up drill before training or Game, it just keeps on working on those lines,passing skills and triggers. Excellent


Excellent, always learning.


Ran this exact drill last night with my lads. Remarkable improvement on running lines and timing the support run. Thanks again Rugby Site, always delivering the goods!


Great video. With some excellent drills to teach passing and also scanning the defence. Some good fundamentals to teach players.


After the remarkable play Ireland showed the All Blacks this past week end. Schmidt has shown he has the coaching knowledge and experience to put together a team that is always a threat. The coaching session was simple, but filled with the kind of coaching details needed to improve my players. The rugby site is the only site I rely on for the best coaches to develop this game world wide.


Great fundamentals to teach your players the importance of holding their lines and running straight.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Great concepts just what I needed


Interesting drills and a new concept to the attack line – to was an L drill with a difference. The triggers could be better explained but all in for a coach it was a good video and good concepts.


you should get Titch to post some of his drills and get him to explain its uses and what to look for he progress’ very nicely and they actually used the drills to warm up before each RWC game because of its functionality – one of them was a tweak on this video’s L drill and can even be used for fitness

This video on the other hand wasn’t too bad (i know im brutally honest) thought he wasn’t very clear with things (I personally understood but i think a begginer coach would struggle) not enough basic language, 7/10

New Zealand

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