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Catch and Pass - Basics with Ben Herring

Run, Catch and Pass skills are fundamental to the game of rugby. This series is where to start the coaching of these cores skills.

Part 1. Good Catch and Pass Bad Catch and Pass 0:30 Free video

To start the series, analyst Hamish Webb highlights some good and bad passes during a high school match.
Hamish explains the positives and negatives from the passes and recommends how to improve the players skills.

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Part 2. The Catch - Reaching out 2:48 Member content

To successfully complete a Catch and Pass you have to catch the ball. Ben breaks down the parts on how to reach out to catch the ball.

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Part 3. The Catch - Foot Control 3:41 Member content

While hands are the most important part of the catch and pass, the feet play a big part in the successful execution of the pass. Ben looks at positioning the feet when catching and passing.

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Part 4. Catch & Pass - Peripheral Vision 6:05 Member content

In this 3rd video of the Catch and Pass Basics Series, Ben looks at the importance of peripheral vision.

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Part 5. The Pass - Switch on the Core 2:32 Member content

In the 4th part of the Catch and Pass Basics series, Ben looks at the role your Core muscles play to successfully activate the pass.

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Part 6. The Pass - Ripping the Grip 2:08 Member content

In the 5th part of the Catch and Pass Basics series, Ben explains what ripping the grip means, why is it important and how to execute it.

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Part 7. The Pass - Hands to Target 4:22 Member content

In the 5th part of the Catch and Pass Basics series, Ben explains what pointing your hands to the target pass means. When to do it and why it is important and how to practice it.

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Part 8. Holding the Ball and Power from the legs 7:54 Member content

In this video, Blacks Ferns Assistant coach Wesley Clarke explains the basics of how to hold the rugby ball so you can pass it to the target.

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Part 9. Catch and Pass Drills 6:20 Member content

Now the technique of the pass and catch is complete. We will add a couple of simple drills for you to put them into practice with your players.

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Part 10. Catch and Pass Drills 2 8:32 Member content

Ben adds another classic Run Catch and Pass drill for you to use with your players.

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Part 11. Catch & Pass Games   5:40 Member content

In this latest video Ben introduces some fun games your players can do at training.

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Part 12. Catch and Pass for Cross Over Athletes 1:04 Member content

Building on Wesley Clarke’s Catch and Pass series with the Manawatu Turbo women, Ex Blues assistant and now Lifewest coach Adriaan Ferris addresses the fundamentals of the catch pass for players new to the game like ‘cross over’ players.

Working with his local Blue Angels women players, Adriaan works through the fundamentals of the Catch and Pass.

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Part 13. Catch and Pass Practice Plan 8:32 Member content

Rugby Site Manager and now Otago coach Ben Herring has put together a Practice Plan focusing on Catch and Pass activities.

Looks like lots of fun involved!

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Part 14. Run Catch and Pass Warm up Drill 4:16 Member content

This week we continue our match warm up series featuring drills to get you ‘game’ ready.

Nottingham coach Alex O’Dowd introduces a Run Catch and Pass warm-up drill.

Remember these drills are training drills as well.

Keep straight lines

Hands to the target

Use the post as the defence and target

Can vary the position to the goal posts to change the lines and time to pass

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Part 15. Catch and Pass Essentials 5:41 Member content

This week, we feature Hamish Webb (our UK Rugby Site Rugby Manager), at our UK clinic with the Hackney Rugby Club.

Hamish having coached at London Irish Academy, Wellington College and Scotland U16s has successfully developed many junior players, and teams.

Hamish has an excellent session with Hackney’s U13 team (many new to the game), developing their Catch and Pass.

Grip the ball properly to pass

Hands out early to greet the ball

Point the ball at the target

Pass the ball like it’s on a rope to the targe

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Duration 50:32
Topics Catch and Pass Youth Coaching
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Course reviews

So much details, awesome! Thanks for that Ben and RugbySite. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!


I enjoying watching it

New Zealand

“Part 13. Catch and Pass Practice Plan” not only has the practice plan, but also calls out other videos on this site to look to for great content on other topics.


Ok, I have a question, I recently was at a high end academy and they are suggesting that you don’t turn reach out so far that you turn the upper body when catching the ball so you maintain a square position while running towards the defense. So you still reach for the ball but do not straighten the arms and take it comfortably just outside/in front of the shoulder. Would welcome any thoughts.


tried it at training yesterday, instant result with one of the guys who still felt a bit insecure about his catch. love it!


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