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Breakdown Fundamentals - Y and HS with Sean Graham

St Joseph Nudgee College's Director of Rugby presents a new series preparing young players for the breakdown - on both sides of the ball.

Part 1. Delivering a Player Centric Program - Junior Players   12:08 Member content

Players decide the warm up game, rules and the teams.

Are just some of the player led decisions in Sean Graham’s St Joseph’s Nudgee College’s, (Brisbane, Australia), rugby program.

Empower the players to make decisions at training so they are confident to make decisions during a game is Director of Rugby Sean Graham’s philosophy.

A philosophy successfully engrained across Nudgee College’s 40 teams and 90+ coaches.

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Part 2. Ball Carry and Presentation 16:57 Member content

No grids, working in pairs where possible to maximise the reps, time on the ball and peer to peer learning.

This week, Nudgee College’s DOR Sean Graham progresses his young players into an effective contact and ball presentation.

The game is chaotic so its ok for parts of training to be chaotic.

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Part 3. Ground up Tackle Primers 10:29 Member content

‘Frame’ your tackle to make it more compact and targeted.

Nudgee College’s DOR Sean Graham continues his Contact series with his young players.

This week, the focus for the players is Tackle Primers working from the Ground Up.

Remember, as coach you are responsible for setting the atmosphere and standards at training

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Part 4. 1 v 1 Ball Carry and Tackle Contest 11:08 Member content

Move up and close the space is Nudgee College’s DOR Sean Graham’s key message to his junior players in the final Contact series release.

Sean combines the skill development on both sides of the ball into a 1v1 player contest.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 50:00
Topics Breakdown Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Such a great set of videos – especially on tackling confidence and dealing with big groups – thanks so much!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Eye opening – difference in the UK to Aus training method (or is it the school?) No wonder the Aus seems more advanced at school level. Summary ‘be hard to beat, drives excellence and a safer result’. love the bus analogy! Kids involved in training feedback improves player to player motivation, nothing like peer pressure!


Sean is able to simplify the game to it bare basics and then micro-skill the guts out of it so caters to all learning styles and needs of both players and coaches! How choice is that! Legend!


Very good session! Congratulations!


Great bit of Rugby Teaching. These kids learnt new things that will be with them their who rugby life. This is the best way to learn new skills these skills can be tested and imbedded later in small sided games .


Very informative

New Zealand

Great coaching techniques, very concise and inspiring instructions. Addressing the key points in the drill was outstanding. Well done .

Arabian Gulf

Excellent session. Great coaching principles and skill development ideas. Love the unstructured approach.


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