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Breakdown Defence - HS and A with Richie McCaw

What are the key points to winning a defensive breakdown. We have arguably 3 of the best breakdown specialists ever to play and outline the key points on how to successfully win a defensive breakdown. What big decisions to make when you are a support player in the defensive line approaching the breakdown and the techniques and processes to deliver the most effective actions.

Part 1. Defensive Breakdown Introduction   0:30 Free video

Queensland Reds and ex Wallaby great George Smith, at St Laurence’s School, Brisbane, gives insight to what is required to win the defensive breakdown.


Part 2. Breakdown Defence 11:00 Member content

Breakdown skills are critical for any player.
In this video, All Black captain and arguably the best player to play the game and best No 7, Richie McCaw looks at the three big decisions to make when you are a support player in the defensive line and the techniques to deliver the most effective actions.
Being effective at defensive breakdowns is about great decisions and absolute commitment.

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Part 3. Breakdown in Defence 11:55 Member content

In this video British and Irish Lions and Wales captain Sam Warburton takes you through drills for the tackler and the first support player at the breakdown.
One of the best No 7s in the game Sam will show you the techniques and thought processes he used when approaching the breakdown.
These are the techniques that have worked best for him, he swears by them and hopes they work for you too.

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Part 4. Breakdown Defensive Mindset 6:23 Free video

Queensland Reds and ex Wallaby great George Smith, gives the St Laurence’s School, in Brisbane, insight on the defensive breakdown mindset.
One of the best breakdown exponents in the game, George explains the key points to winning a defensive breakdown.
Decide your role early Communicate your decision whether its a jackal, clean out, counter ruck, or reload Repeat effort is key – maintain the effort at every breakdown.

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Part 5. Defensive Breakdown Slowing & Stealing Ball 17:06 Member content

Hawkes Bay coach Josh Syms continued his Fight on the Ground (FOG) program and this video looks at stealing and slowing the ball at the breakdown.
Emphasis is always on contesting the ball – fighting to steal or to keep the ball!
Tackler – Tackle, trace, try and find the ball and then hook and fight for the ball.
Tackled player – roll, squeeze fight for the ball.

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Part 6. Breakdown - Contesting for the Ball 17:13 Member content

Springbok hooker and one of the greats of the game Bismarck du Plessis shares with you the physical techniques and the mindset required to win the battle at the breakdown.
One of the best exponents at the breakdown Bismarck takes you through a range of activities that will help your team win the contest for possession as well as being the most powerful and effective opposition clearers.
These are the activities he used and trained every day.

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Part 7. Breakdown Part 2 Drills & Games 10:15 Member content

Ex Rugby site Manager and current Otago coach Ben Herring introduces some Breakdown games for new players to play.
It is about learning, having fun and staying safe.

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Topics Breakdown
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Languages English

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