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Whole Team Attack - A with The Rugby Site

Engage the whole team in your Attack Structure.
Joker, Protector, Ball Carrier - A Game Plan without numbers just positions in Attack. No more stress, am I in the right position! Ex North Harbour, Auckland, NEC and Toyota coach Allan (Polly) Pollock introduces the 1-4-4-4-1 attack structure.

Part 1. Game Plan & Attack Shape 1-4-4-4-1 explained   7:45 Member content

This session, Polly with his whiteboard at hand, details how to engage all your players in the Attack – creating attack options across the pitch. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Game Plan & Attack Shape 1-4-4-4-1 in Action 21:17 Free video

In this video, Allan ‘Polly’ Pollock demonstrates with his players out on the pitch, 1-4-4-4-1. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 29:02
Topics Attack
Applicable to Coaches   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Adapting from a 1-3-3-1 to this 1-4-4-4-1 as many inexperienced in our club. As a coach I really liked this. Taking this training to the next level would have been components around the Joker and Blindside attack.


traducir los videos en español, por favor!!


Hi, I’ve implemented this into junior rugby and have had two season’s undefeated(regional AU). Goes without saying requires some junior adaptation.


Love the system but in reality surely you will have certain players gravitating towards the same role that suits them.


No closed captioning?? Come on!


it is such innovative change to the systems being used.

South Africa

Polly makes structure easy to understand snd not overly complicated. I am struggling however to share with my other coaches


Awesome presentation Polly


Really practical instruction on attacking using pods and good reminder of the total rugby concept; all players being able to execute the attacking structure irrespective of the number on your back.


brilliant to fine tune it you do it with defenders

South Africa

This is a great adaption of a standard forward pod structure.


Traducir al Español los vídeos. Gracias.


Great video…well explained and the drone view shows the development well. Just wish there was one more video showing the ‘joker’ role and combining all.


Great idea! well filmed video! a few essential principles of play including the fundamental compressing / stretching opposition. The latter difficult to illustrate in the absence of opposition. Also a properly marked rugby field would also have tremendously helped the demonstration. Nevertheless, great work all together; Thanks Polly


Interesting ideas, which would make the defence think about their own strategies. However, I feel that the amount of information from the coach, both before and during the run through, which could potentially confuse the players. Perhaps, allow the players to make their own decisions within the set up, to improve their decision making processes. Unopposed ‘run through’s’ fail to take in the actions of the defence. Hope this doesn’t seem too negative. “I hear I forget; I see I remember; I do I understand!!”

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Very empowering for the players to have the autonomy to use this setup and adjust depending on what the defensive picture looks like. My players are enjoying it. Brilliant.


Absolutely loving your ideas, Polly! Love your focus on fun and ‘having a carry’ too. Will be applying this this season!

New Zealand

The most critical part of this video is when Polly states, “there are no numbers, because I believe that all players should have the confidence and be trained in the skills to perform any role in this attacking dynamic.”


Nice structure and simple to learn Polly makes it easy to understand simplicity is best

New Zealand

Most of my team play for the love of the game and this gives us a process to involve everyone. The drone aerial camera was a great angle to observe the structure. Good job!



Arabian Gulf


New Zealand

a good addition to the playbook

New Zealand

hola,la esplicaciones son muy bueno, pero, no tiene subtitulos, ni tampoco esta traducido el español muchas gracias




An excellent review/adjustment of a number of systems that are in use nowadays and a very good explanation of how to make it easy, to do the required job For the required situation, with a free flowing style.


Great video. The attacking shape provides a great foundation to find the weakness in the defence. In addition the edict that everyone has a role fits neatly with my view and approach. Finally the words of Polly – empowering the players, being committed 100% to your choice, having fun and play play play.


Really great video, bit of basic structure and shape to keep things organised but also gives players freedom to play what’s in front of them. Very interesting pattern and really creative. Sums up why Kiwis are so good.


Really great coaching this, clearly explained ideas. Am sharing widely. Thanks


Great insight ,simple but effective..Thanks


Great explanation of quite a complex game plan, made to sound easy!

New Zealand

Simple yet effective

New Zealand

Nice, simple but effective.

New Zealand

This is genius stuff. I arrived at this idea independently through A combination of standing in damp fields with 15 year olds, the genius of Wayne Smiths videos on this site about incorporating forwards in attack and the General Movement ideas which came out of France.


Fanciful & patterned


Love the idea…only backs and forwards in 1st phase!


This is just 1/3/3/1 but his decided to add backs.


Great pattern to involve all players in an attacking systems with tonnes of options. Very difficult to defend. Thank you for the insight in expanding on the 1331 pattern which is now very common to a 14441 attack system.

New Zealand

great points explained simply. thanks.


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