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Attack - Individual - HS and A with Conrad Smith

Individual attack skills are an integral part of a team's training. Whether it is the big block busting Jonah Lomus or pint sized Shane Williams, there are attack skills to suit.

Part 1. Individual Attack Skills   1:04 Free video

Better to have and use than to be trying to stop them as analyst Hamish Webb highlights in our latest Skills Analysis video


Part 2. Contesting your own high ball 16:16 Member content

High ball attack is used as an attack strategy in today’s game. Ex All Black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith details how to contest your own high ball.

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Part 3. Basic Hands and Missed Pass 8:36 Member content

The easiest midfield attack play is the missed pass to create space out in the wider channels. Ex All Black midfield and 100 test player Conrad Smith explains the fundamentals of the missed pass.

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Part 4. Basic Cut Plays 5:00 Member content

Cut plays and having players in motion is a way to break up opposing defence lines. Ex All Black midfield and 100 test player Conrad Smith walks through the why and hows of a backline cut play.

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Part 5. Roll the Ball Move 6:54 Member content

Ex All Black midfield and 100 test player Conrad Smith works through the fundamentals of the Block or Roll ball backline move. A simple but very effective midfield backline move.

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Part 6. Walk Through Midfield Attack 11:54 Member content

Ex All Black midfield and 100 test player Conrad Smith steps through different attack scenarios and what midfield backs should be considering for each situation.

Insights from one of the best to ever play in the midfield for the All Blacks.

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Part 7. Side Stepping 6:12 Member content

Wales and British and Irish Lions wing and legend Shane Williams breaks the sidestep down, taking you through his skill checklist and showing you how the ball carrier and support runners can manipulate defenders and defensive lines to beat and unlock them.
Watch and learn direct from one of the best attacking players the game of rugby has ever seen.

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Part 8. Evasion - Basics 4:43 Free video

Evasion is what rugby is all about. Otago coach Ben Herring teaches some really basic drills to help players of all ages improve their evasion skills.

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Part 9. Evasion - Magic Step 7:47 Member content

In part 2 of the Evasion skills videos we watch Ben explain the magic step drill to the kids.

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Part 10. Evasion - The Step 7:57 Free video

Otago rugby coach Ben Herring takes us through the process of learning how to be a great stepper. Stepping is about creating a co-ordination, a series of foot movements you can apply given any situation.

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Part 11. Evasion - The Fend 8:43 Member content

Watch how Ben creates a ‘sword’ of a fend for you to cut through opposition defences. Also note how Ben emphasises to protect the ball away from the defender.

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Part 12. Evasion - Hitting the Gaps 3:56 Member content

We have stepped, made the fend and now we hit the gaps. Watch it now and see how to evade the defences!

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Part 13. Offload Basics 2:35 Member content

Offloading is now a big part of any rugby attack plan. But how do you teach an offload? Where do you start? Watch this video to find out.

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Part 14. Practice Plan - Evasion 5:55 Member content

Ben Herring puts together, with his Otago Boys High school players an Evasion Practice. Looks like alot of fun for everyone.

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Duration 95:32
Topics Attack
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others  
Languages English

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Muy explicativo y muy útil para poder transmitirlo a los jugadores. Excelente


Super intéressant but very important for mi traduire en français 😍


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