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Match Content Review - Examples with The Rugby Site

This section provides some examples of Match Content Reviews. Whether it is your attack, defence, tackle technique or breakdown effectiveness we can provide some insight.

Part 2. 5 phases and fail 0:00 Free video

This is an example of 5 phases of a community rugby game and the end result was a turnover.
Possession was initially won by a 1st phase turnover.

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Part 3. Making good breakdown decisions 0:54 Free video

Do I clear out? Do I fan out? Oops too late! Has poor decision making at the breakdown costing you quality, quick, front foot ball? In our latest skills analyst release, Hamish highlights what is good decision making at the breakdown.

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Part 3. Example Poor Filming 0:14 Free video

An example of poor match filming.
Out of focus, missing the ball, and the flow of the game.

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Part 4. Accuracy at the breakdown 1:19 Free video

What does being accurate at the breakdown actually mean? How low do you need to be effective? How important is it to time your clearout drive? Analyst Hamish Webb explains how these key points determine your breakdown success in his latest skills analysis series release.

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Part 5. Keeping your Lineout Simple 0:43 Free video

Having trouble winning your own lineouts? Are players struggling to remember the different calls? Keeping your lineout calls simple is the key to winning lineouts. As analyst Hamish points out the 1st advantage is to throw the ball to where your opposition lineout pod is NOT!

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Part 6. Individual Attack Skills 1:04 Free video

Better to have and use than to be trying to stop as analyst Hamish Webb explains in our latest Skills Analysis video.

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Part 7. Could the Defence have done better 1:20 Free video

Analyst Hamish Webb believes so in our latest Skills Analysis video.
Get square + reduce the space + players correctly aligned
Squeeze the attack and REMOVE the threat.
Check the Defence Options Today

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Part 8. Defense Setup Mistake 1:58 Free video

Man for man or tackle in your channel!
Oops neither and beaten by the old DSP – Dummy Switch Pop move.
Analyst Hamish Webb looks at what goes wrong for the Black defence and how to fix it in the latest Skills analysis video.
The coach took Craig Newby’s 6,7,8 Defensive roles video to training this week!

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Part 10. Breakdown Clearout 1:17 Free video

Are your rugby performances suffering from poor breakdowns and ineffective clearouts. Committing too many players to the breakdown and still have slow ball. In the 2nd release of this skills analysis series, Hamish explains why this is happening and how to fix it!

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Part 11. Catch Pass Final 2:10 Free video

To start the series, analyst Hamish Webb highlights some good and bad passes during a high school match. Hamish explains the positives and negatives from the passes and recommends how to improve the players skills.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
Duration 12:18
Topics Analysis
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Managers  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Excellent overview on basic skills.


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